According to a tipster that contacted Kotaku, an official line of Angry Birds [99¢ / Free / HD] swag is coming next year. They provide the following spy shots of prototype plush birds spotted on the streets of Manhattan:

Angry Birds has been sitting comfortably at the top of the App Store sales charts for quite some time now, and seems to have nearly universal appeal both to gamers and non-gamers alike. We loved the game in our review, and if you haven't yet, you really should at least try the lite version of the game. We've heard rumblings for a while that Angry Birds developer Rovio was looking to turn the game in to something bigger than an iPhone game, and it looks like plush toys are part of whatever that master plan might be.

Either way, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'd totally buy a plush set of birds.

  • Ezchile

    Me too.

  • Schnapple

    Something ironic about how all of these toys will be more expensive than the game itself.

  • Eric

    These are pretty big. I have some of those boxes at home and they are about 12x18

  • Dan

    Is this really news? I have absolutely no intention of buying a plush toy that will cost me more than the game it is out of. The game is good, but I don't want a fat red bird on my bed because of it.

    • Anonymous

      Just because the game is $0.99, it doesn't mean it is illogical to buy a different "toy" at a higher price.

    • SiDCrAzY

      It's not news because you have no intention of buying it? There are other people you know.

    • Ken Livingstone

      Speak for yourself...... I love having a fat red bird on the end of my bed 😉

  • Darcy Palmer

    haha, we are making the designs up now and expect to have some by sunday, although those look a bit too big. hit us up for some, we even have the piggies in hardhats

  • Jeff

    So cute!!! I want it!!!

  • Mike

    I'm sure the ladies will be all over these.

    • Sam


      • Mike

        Yes. You know, females. Google it.

      • Sam

        haha, no I meant it wont just be ladies all over them! lol

  • Legaity

    Will it be available internationally? I WANT MY OWN SET!!

  • Mr Jack

    The big question is: will they produce a giant plushy throwing catapult to go with them?

    • Himanshu

      now that would be epic. Imagine... a real-live angry birds demolition game (not with real birds and pigs through)... I say include it in the olympics

  • Gamegirls7890

    where in new york did you see these? near the toy building? i heard the people that are in that building are doing a whole line of them - what street were you on? i need to get a set of these?

  • Sam

    They're a tad too big for me. I would have thought tennis ball size.

    What is the bird in the bag with spot on it? Next to the black bomber one

    • Batteraziiz

      Looks like an egg perhaps? Like the egg-shaped bombs the white birds drop, only with flowers on them.

  • Alex Barbulescu

    I like that plush birds , i live in europe and definitely buy one of those.

  • Omar D. Plumey

    Ha! I plan on buying these and throwing them across the room. Maybe build some lego towers and destroy them with the birds. LOL!

    • borgqueenx

      then absolutly make a video of it! maby il do that myself to!

  • borgqueenx

    i want them if the price will be right! i dont wanna pay more then 10 dollars a bird.
    i love the game and everyone around me does!

  • omgnewcmmntspluginlol

    I'd be inclined to throw these at passers by or use them to play the giant jenga game.

  • Pow R Rock

    Will there be pigs too so I can make good use of my Pillow fort?

  • Jay

    If they have some small ones, that would be totally cool.

  • Jack LeKarr

    Why are they on a random street in Manhattan? Seems odd.

  • EBear

    I just got some of these in the mail.
    It's an Angry Bird Plush toy. The legs are like rubber tubing and almost sound like the slingshot being pulled

    back in the game.They are about 4" tall.
    When the legs are pulled back and the bird is shot it gives off a SQWAAAAK!

    This is one company that seem to be in touch with the customers.

  • Bear

    Angry birds SLINGSHOT toy on EBAY 10-8-10

  • Tilen Hrovatic

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