All the way back in the middle of December of last year we first got our hands on EA's Mirror's Edge [$4.99] for the iPhone, but it came without any solid release date. Mirror's Edge then disappeared until the iPad launch when Mirror's Edge for iPad [$9.99] popped up once again. Back then, we figured the iPhone release was immanent, but once again, it never came. Tonight is finally the night, and after spending quite a bit of time with the game today, it seems remarkably similar to the iPad version, downsized to the iPhone. In fact, it's so similar to our preview from last year that everything I said back then is still relevant.

The world of Mirror's Edge is set in the future, where a totalitarian regime is in power and an underground resistance powered by runners move information around on foot to avoid to watchful eye of the government which have implemented intense levels of surveillance across all communication mediums. You play as Faith, one of these runners.

The game is controlled using very simple swiping gestures that all feel very natural. Swiping right or left makes you run in that direction, swiping up makes you jump, and swiping down makes you slide. When you run across opposition, you can also use similar gestures to take them out with a variety of moves such as sweeping their legs out from under them or jump kicking them. There are many other interactions with different obstacles you come across, like jumping off spring boards, sliding down zip lines, and wall-running across billboards.

All of these things can be seen in the following gameplay video:

If you are like me and enjoyed the idea behind the console version of Mirror's Edge, but didn't really like the first person viewpoint and all the issues that caused in a platforming environment, you will love the iPhone version of the game. All of the visibility problems are gone thanks to the 3rd person view, and the game as a whole has been transformed in to a fun reaction game instead of an often frustrating and sometimes motion-sickness inducing first person experience.

New additions to Mirror's Edge since last year include new leaderboards that track your time through every level along with a whole heap of achievements to soak up and artwork to unlock. The whole game is optimized for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, and looks really great in motion. This doesn't mean it won't run well on older devices, as forum members are reporting that Mirror's Edge even runs just fine on the first generation iPod touch.

Mirror's Edge is an effortless recommendation, and while I'm not sure waiting all this time has made the game any better, I'm glad it's finally here. Sure, there have been tons of running games in the past year but Mirror's Edge still is able to stand on its own, even after all this time. Playing through the game is a really cool experience, the controls work well, and just like the iPad game EA did a fantastic job of nailing the look and feel of the Mirror's Edge universe.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Ron Foley

    Sorry. Looks boring and repetitive.

    • tsharpfilm

      I just played a couple of levels, and it's not.

  • Josh

    The animation doesn't look that great. It seems shallow compared to the console game that I loved. I'll pass.

  • russiaone

    Was it worth the wait? Probably not. It's fun, though. But you would think in that time they'd add something extra or further refine the game. Whatevs. I think I'm a bit put off, though, after the Epic Citadel tech demo. Nothing can compete with that.

    • RhythmMan

      Yeah...I'm a little jaded to all other iPhone games after the Epic Citadel demo. I'd rather walk around an empty castle than play most of the games currently in the app store, lol

    • munkee

      You do realise that's like comparing Doodle Jump to NOVA right? They're completely different games. If anything, comparing Zombie Infection to Epic Citadel makes a lot more sense.

      Mirror's Edge's competitors are A Skeleton Story, Canabalt, Monster Dash, Robot Unicorn Attack and Nymph Dash.

  • sniperboy

    this game blows all other running games away

  • blue

    Runs perfectly on a 1st gen touch (seriously, I need that 4th gen tho)

    Game is pretty awesome though. More varied than it appears at first and looks and plays really well.

  • Hilaryfan97

    FINALLY! Looks great, but i must say that the sound effects are kinda..weird..

  • BulkSlash

    I'm downloading it now! I can't wait to play some more Mirror's Edge, even though it's not the true FPS Mirror's Edge 2 on consoles/PC I've been hoping for.

  • Murbs

    Playing on 3GS - it's really, really good. Looking forward to doing some speed runs!

    Also makes me want to buy the original for 360 all over again!

  • araczynski

    looks like something for the jumping game fans. might pick it up when the ipad version hits a buck sale. if never, all the better. hate EA.

  • sammysin

    Super game, more than makes up for the delays.

  • John Hood

    Great game. That is all.

  • Dave

    Is the iPad version worth the extra 5 bucks? I have been holding off on purchasing this for a while as it seems pricy for game that could be over in 2 hours.

    Anyone running the iphone version on the iPad? Impressions?

    • Tomchap

      Yeah I would be interested in finding this out to.

      • Eric

        me too. i can't decide which one to buy. ???

  • BikiniBabe

    Mirror's Edge on PC was beautiful. I can't wait to see how the iphone version looks!

  • Matt

    Works great on my 3GS. I never played the game before, but really enjoying it. They bang on so much about iPhone 4 in the game description I actually wasn't 100% if it was a mistake it was showing up in my app store...

  • Paul (no, the other one)


  • Egon

    I've got two words for EA: motion capture

  • Jasshrie

    Save your money for a better app. Monotonous game play and extremely limited action takes you back to the late 80's play style for 2D video games. Absolutely boring. 2 stars is generous. Better buy 5x $0.99 games.... seriously. If you want to spend $5 on an app that you won't get bored with, better look to 2XL games.

    • Chrissomerry

      Weren't 80's 2d video games awesome though? 😉

  • Anthony Pirtle

    The game's brilliant. Play is so much more organic than the console version (though the story seems sacrificed when there's no reason why it should have been so). The only real complaint i have with this game is that its short. Its so short that if you get hooked (like I did) you will find yourself finishing the game the first night you have it in your hands. Thankfully there's the speed runs in which you compete against yourself (symbolized by a red, translucent outline racing along side you) and those will bring you back for at least a few more run throughs.