Big name developers just love setting their iTunes Connect release dates to Thursdays. Every week around this time we start seeing new releases slowly pop up in international markets, then filter out to the rest of the world as the Earth spins and it slowly becomes Thursday across the planet. This week is no different, and tonight at 11:00 PM EST all of the following games will be available for download in the US App Store. (Or even sooner if you're east of us.)

Mirror's Edge for iPhone, $4.99 - We first previewed this game in late 2009, and spent months wondering when it was going to be released. We found our answer as Mirror's Edge for iPad [$9.99] landed on the App Store as an iPad-only launch title for Apple's (then) new device. Back in April we thought it was inevitable that the game would be released for the iPhone yet, but we never suspected it would take nearly six months to happen.

Here's the gameplay video we shot from our preview last year:

From my brief time with Mirror's Edge on the iPhone, it plays just the same as the iPad version and is seemingly identical to the preview we did before of the iPhone version. Mirror's Edge for the iPhone comes packed with Retina Display friendly graphics and looks outstanding on the iPhone 4.

Puzzle Agent, $4.99 / HD - We had some hands-on time with this game not too long ago, and it's definitely something any fan of Professor Layton style games needs to pick up. In the game you play as Nelson Tethers, an agent of the FBI Puzzle Research Division and need to investigate the happenings of an eraser factory in Minnesota.

Puzzle Agent has already been released for the PC on Steam, and has been well received by most gamers. We thought it was a decent port in our preview, but we're going to spend more time with it to see if that still holds true as we get deeper than a brief preview allows.

Other potentially noteworthy games being released tonight include two new offerings from Namco who apparently have no problem juicing poor old Pac Man for all he's worth. PAC-CHAIN [$4.99] is an action puzzle game for the iPad where you tap groups of similarly colored ghosts from the game board with all kinds of Pac Man themed power-ups. Their other release tonight is Mishap [$4.99] a hidden object game for the iPhone that at least looks slightly intriguing with the inclusion of mini-games.

Finally, there's a new Chillingo iPad game on the verge of being released. Lamp of Aladdin [$4.99] is another hidden object game, but the matching mini-game looks like it could be interesting and there's something about the above trailer that's oddly alluring.

We're going to spend the day playing through as many of these games as possible, and like every Wednesday, plan on having reviews available by the time the games appear for download in the US App Store.

  • PitchBlak14

    What generation is the iPod Touch used in the Mirror's Edge video?

    • Corey

      looks like 2 or 3rd gen-but a heads up mirros edge is made for the retina display-so this will be great for the new ipod touch being released today

      • Nicho

        It's not being released today, it's next week.

  • Generator

    Puzzle Agent isn't showing up in the Canadian app store. Sad face.

  • Noman

    Seriously EA? We wait 6 months for the game to be just like the preview in april?

    Cool that it's finally released though.

  • Dimitris

    Puzzle agent isn't also available on US and Greek app store.
    Where the heck did toucharcade purchased it from???

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Lol. Read the article again. The games havent released in US store yet. All these games are out in some parts of the world (where its already sept 2). These games will be out in US at exactly 11pm EST.

  • Cinnabon cereal

    I thought I'd be excited for mirrors edge to finally make it to iPhone, but now I don't know. It feels like I'm running Into a hotgirl at the mall that I used to like, but she dissed me for a dude with a bigger screen. Now he's used her up and She's come crawling back to me. Don't know if I want to give her the time of day.

    • Tomchap

      Very good hehe 🙂

      Why cant they just make the iPad one universal? (squeezes more money out of us, the customers, i suppose.)

    • tsharpfilm

      LOL! I know exactly how you feel. I was going to completely blow this game off, but the $4.99 price is kind of nice, and generous, especially for an EA game. I might buy it when it's finally released this evening.

  • Howard

    Great that Tell Tale Games is releasing for Puzzle Agent for iPhone as well as iPad (Sam and Max is iPad only). Personally, I prefer straightforward adventure games without too much logic puzzle element. Hopefully, Puzzle Agent will provide inventory puzzles as well.

  • Brandon

    Puzzle Agent isn't available in US yet... (looks like it is for New Zealand)

    But why is alladin arabian? He's supposed to be Chinese 🙁
    Stupid Disney....

    • John

      I didn't know that, looking at wikipedia it doesn't seem to matter at all though...

      ''Although Aladdin is a Middle-Eastern tale, the story is set in China, and Aladdin is explicitly Chinese.[3] However, the "China" of the story is an Islamic country, where most people are Muslims; there is a Jewish merchant who buys Aladdin's wares (and incidentally cheats him), but there is no mention of Buddhists or Confucians. Everybody in this country bears an Arabic name and its monarch seems much more like a Muslim ruler than a Chinese emperor. Some commentators believe that this suggests that the story might be set in Turkestan (encompassing Central Asia and the modern Chinese province of Xinjiang).[4] It has to be said that this speculation depends on a knowledge of China that the teller of a folk tale (as opposed to a geographic expert) might well not possess,[5] and that a deliberately exotic setting is in any case a common story tellers' device.''

  • JCKarlo

    Mirror's Edge is only New Zealand at the

    • Nicho

      Do you not at all know how iDevice games are released? First in NZ, then the following night in Canada & US @ 8pm PST / 11pm EST. It will be here in 7 & 1/2 hours.