‘Mirror’s Edge’ Comes to iPad First, iPhone Likely Next

IMG_0074I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that EA’s Mirror’s Edge was one of the most anticipated iPhone games coming in early 2010. After a few delays, the game kind of disappeared until this past week when we learned that it had become an iPad launch title.

Mirror’s Edge for iPad is essentially identical to the iPhone version that we extensively previewed back in December. Our thoughts about the game then as now were very positive. In fact, Eli even said at the time that he had more fun with the iPhone version than he had with the console version.

The world of Mirror’s Edge is set in the future, where a totalitarian regime is in power and an underground resistance powered by runners move information around on foot to avoid to watchful eye of the government which have implemented intense levels of surveillance across all communication mediums. You play as Faith, one of these runners.

The iPad (and not yet released iPhone) version of the game is controlled using very simple swiping gestures that all feel very natural. Swiping right or left makes you run in that direction, swiping up makes you jump, and swiping down makes you slide. When you run across opposition, you can also use similar gestures to take them out with a variety of moves such as sweeping their legs out from under them or jump kicking them. There are many other interactions with different obstacles you come across, like jumping off spring boards, sliding down zip lines, and wall-running across billboards.

While some game purists have found offense to this sort of adaptation to the Mirror’s Edge franchise, we found it to be great implementation of the game for our favorite platform.

Screenshot from multiplayer on iPad

The iPad version also includes a on-same-device multiplayer where you can race against a friend while sitting on opposite sides of the screen. Each runner is controlled using the same swipe controls and can even fight each other. We haven’t had a chance to test this out extensively, but it’s a nice bonus.

If you’d like to see the game on the iPhone along with gameplay instructions, check out our previous iPhone gameplay video. Overall, we’re big fans of the game and recommend it for iPad owners (and even iPhone owners when it finally launches).

App Store Link: Mirror’s Edge for iPad, $12.99