Back in May when the first videos started appearing of jailbroken iPads playing SNES games, it definitely piqued our interest as few things would have blown my mind more back when the SNES hit North America in 1991. (Actually, come to think of it, just seeing the iPad 19 years ago would be a mind-blowing experience in itself.) The emulator in question in the original videos, as well as the one capable of pairing with a Wii controller is snes4iphone, but if you'd rather have an emulator that runs natively, SNES HD will do the trick, you just won't have Wii controller support.

The entire guide itelf with a bunch of photos and links is over on Lifehacker, and they've also explained the whole thing in the following video:

Keep in mind that according to Apple "unauthorized modification of iOS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues", and obviously the jailbreak community completely disagrees. Either way, the entire jailbreak process is entirely unsupported, so just be sure to do some research to make sure you know what you're getting in to before blindly mashing the "jailbreak" button in Spirit.

[Lifehacker via TUAW]

  • iamPro

    Does anyone know if there is any lag when using the controller over BT?

    • Brandon

      Yes I experience a lag and hate it πŸ™

      • iamPro

        Yeah it was near unplayable on the iPhone too.

        Was hoping it's better on the iPad.

        No one else experience lag?

      • omg

        No lag playing on my wiimote and jb ipod 3g. i can record videos of mario if you want.

  • uncleguito

    Does anyone else have issues pairing their iPhone to iPad when using SNES HD? Both my devices just sit there searching for each other, even though bluetooth is enabled on both. I tried it with wifi off, too.

    • Zererico

      Try rebooting the devices.

      • uncleguito

        Did that many times, trust me. I even erased and restored my iPhone and tried reflashing the baseband

    • Mel in a cell

      I spy Charlie Kelly

  • squarezero

    Do any of the emulators include touch controls? The kind of SNES games I would play on the iPad (classic RPGs) don't really require very precise controls, and I'd rather not carry around a Wii controller.

    • Zererico

      snes4iphone includes them. But they are biiig.

      • squarezero

        Thanks! Size doesn't really matter to me ("that's what she said").

  • Rusty

    What stand is that?

  • Battle Born

    I use this same set up and it works beautifully for certain games at least. I just wish they would add classic controller support.

  • klouud

    Is the Wii mote the only BT compatible device for emulation?

  • debtofskittles

    i didnt know pirating would get a front page here

    • kitfoa

      Its not pirating if you own the SNES and the games that you are emulating.

      Lighten up.

      • Stan Winstone

        Um yeah but really does everyone who's jailbreaking their iPad and running an SNES simulator *really* run only the games they actually own. Nope so it's a valid point. And lighten up yourself already...

    • K

      It's not a valid point at all, Stan. Just like the comment people make that jailbreaking is only to get illegal apps. Naive point, more like it.

      • Stan Winstone

        So I guess you have a stack of SNES games sitting in your closet like all emulator users do and only download images for games you own right? Baloney....

      • Thaurin

        Actually, Stan, there are many people that roll this way. You don't have to believe it, but you might check out some of the big emulators' forums and ask around.

  • Seishu

    Chrono Trigger on the iPad = WIN!

  • teh_er1k

    what a shame... no USB-port to plug a SNES controller on it πŸ˜›

  • Rasterico

    Before I read this I wasn't planning on jailbreaking my iPad but I reckon this will be the first thing I do now when it arrives in 2 weeks!

    I had previously jailbroken my 3GS for use with emulators and used the snes emu extensively, it ran pretty well on my 3GS so am looking forward to seeing it run on the more powerful iPad!

    Slightly off topic, has anyone tried the mame emu or genesis one? Wouldn't mind knowing how they run as well and also if they feature wii remote support?

  • Mike

    Here's a thought: if advice from Lifegacker is 'steal shit'. We don't need to take advice from these guys ever again

    • psyc

      Not much of a thought, just random noises from a drooling mouthbreather.

    • Simon

      Here's a thought: you're an idiot.

  • psyc

    Wiimote is garbage unless I can use the classic controller with it.

  • george

    installed cydia day 1 on my ipad, woohooo πŸ™‚

  • disappointed Dude

    Pretty much all of the ZodTTD products suck big time!
    You will just end up buying a laggy not up to the task
    emulator at the end. Be warned, total rip off!!!

  • WoW

    well, i will say this!! ZodTTD is Great, laggy? idk what ^^^ this little sissy talking about. ive had my Ipad and Ipod touch Jailbroken. its worth it. and its not stealing if u paid for it... i have a sega and the games.... so AKA not stealing. I love ZodTTD, i dont know him, but to figure out on ur own to program a Sega on ur Ipod, im going to say he REALLY smart. and if ur having trouble with this, ur not really smart.... i jailbroke my ipod, and have not regreted it, and its sorda nice playing Mario anytime i feel like it. I enjoyed it!!!

  • Kristen Aubrey

    I like how TouchArcade is showing this, the JailBreaking community has done so much to push the Ipod to its Highest Potential. ipod jialbreaking has: Made Costum Themes, PSX (ps2), GBA(Gameboy), Sega, Nintendo 64, and now i have rumors theres gonna Xbox Emulator. I applaud the Jailbreaking Cummunity for getting this Far!!!