During WWDC 2010, we had a chance to talk with Owens Rodriguez and have a quick look at his upcoming iPhone shooter, Alien Space.

The game, which strikes me as something of a cross between Asteroids and Super Stardust HD (and, as such, Meteor Blitz), is a dual-stick space shooter featuring 50 levels, various upgradeable heavy and light weapons, and online achievement tracking and leaderboards via Apple's Game Center.

Alien Space is pretty much a one-man effort, with Rodriguez working on the code and graphics assets in his spare time over the past year and a half. His Alien Space Facebook page provides some history on the title. According to Rodriguez, the game should be finished in late July.

Have a look at the developer's trailer video, which our forum readers seem to be liking.

Although I only spent a short time with the game during the conference, I came away impressed. We'll take a detailed look at Alien Space once we have the release version in our hands. Stay tuned.

  • Fruho

    Wow looks awfully similar to space miner....

    • Rachel

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • dyscode

        I wholeheartedly disagree.

        This LOOKS flat like Warpgate. The GRID totally destroys any 3D feeling.
        Space Minor looks much more like Space than this!

    • Brandon

      Exactly what I thought also... disappointing to me actually...

    • Kamazar

      First thing I noticed.

  • Ultimate Zohan


  • araczynski

    very nice. could care less what other game it looks like. the video looks fun, so the game looks fun.

    very interested, hope to see an iPad version also however.

  • thetwobobs

    Looks good, is there gona be an iPad version?

    • http://alienspacegame.com AlienSpace

      Hey guys, yes I'm planning to put out an "HD" version that will run on the iPad and iPhone 4... most likely as a universal package, so if you get the game it will run either standard or hd on the device you have. Also, there will be an option to turn of the grid in the game. =)

      • dyscode

        Hi Alienspace,

        can you please take out that grid or make it optional?
        This kills any sense of Space.

        Gameplay looks interesting so far!


      • ahamling27

        @dyscode....read before you type...he clearly states the post above that YES you can turn off the grid, sure there was a typo but come on....