Gameloft's take on the Resident Evil series hit the App Store moments ago. We first got a look at Zombie Infection [$6.99] back at GDC where we got a brief hands-on session with the game. Zombie Infection will have players rampaging through South America slaying zombies of all kinds (even zombie zoo animals) across 12 levels which come packed with everything you'd expect out of a Resident Evil-inspired game including a pair of characters to play as, giant bosses, and plenty of gore.

The recently released trailer sets the scene and shows several brief clips of gameplay footage:

See our discussion thread.

  • Bmamba

    awefull animation as usual with gameloft games...

    I ll wait the price drop before getting it, I sick of being disappointed with gameloft clone of games...

    • Druid

      Com'on the graphic is all right, they have done a lot great games like Modern combat and NOVA. The price will be probably 8.99 AUD as usual.

      • Bmamba

        graphic are excellent...i was talking about the animation...

    • Greg

      Where Gameloft has always failed to me is the awful textures.

    • k

      why border waiting the price to drop when you dislike the so call "horrible graphics"

      come on... it is an iphone/touch game

  • Dandarya

    looks excellent!

    • sk8erdude50

      your dumb

      • mattman93

        What about his dumb?

      • RhythmMan

        hahaha, he wont even realize why you asked 'what about his dumb'. kids dont understand grammar these days. the conjegation 'you are' is always misrepresented by the possessive 'your'. american society is getting dumber, sorry, i mean is getting his dumb πŸ˜›

  • RhythmMan

    Prepare for the waves of gameloft haters using the word 'clone'. All I have to say is this will probably sell better than the resident evil game that came out for iPhone, gameloft seems to understand portable gaming better than a lot of other devs. I'll buy it and enjoy it. Ps- animation looks fine. Maybe when the new iPhone comes out gameloft can raise the bar there, but for now they have to develope with older idevices in mind. More animation can kill framerate and battery life.

    • RhythmMan

      By the way, if gameloft didn't bring these games to the iPhone nobody else would. Remember that. You're not going to get Halo made by Bungi, you're not going to get Forza Motorsport by Microsoft, and you're not going to get God of War by Sony. But thanks to Gameloft now you can play games which have a similar feel and enjoyment to them on your iPhone. So shut up and play them or not. Quit the whining peeps, and I persoanlly thank Gameloft for making these cool games....since I don't own a psp or ds portable.

    • RhythmMan more thing. If Gameloft didn't exist then you'd all be begging for someone to make games like these. Try to be more positive, be happy we have the choice to get games like these on our idevices. It's friggin cool, makes my friends with blackberry phones cry, lol

  • Charles

    Hey! I can shoot and move at the same time!!! It's BETTER than any RE for iDevices! (PS.: movement sucks a little...)

  • R4BBIT

    I hope theres a CO-OP mode would be nicer

  • The Theory

    shoot and move? lame. Well, it isn't an RE game after all.

  • Parappa

    good graphics? horrible lighting and over saturated colors. the theme is horror and zombies not willy wonka.

  • Kamazar

    ... did I see a zombie lion in there somewhere?

  • R4BBIT

    i found a problem here! well.. seems like the pistol icon is really unsensetive, i almost cannot fire more than once!
    i touched the icon on the left - aim, and touched the pistol icon to fire- guese wt? nothing happened. after i touched the pistol icon like 4-5 times, it only fire once, its pretty frastrating!!MAN!!
    i own a 3gs, and all the games on my iphone work perfectly. i dono wts goin on,HELPPPP!!!

  • supakoopa

    This looks nice, but I'll wait to see if there is an iPad version.

  • Mister Mumbles

    Hello, "I'm-so-totally-not-ripping-on-RE5." Seriously, I've yet to see one original bone in Gameloft's body. It's certainly not like they don't have the resources to come up with their own games. I guess shaking that money tree is just more important, since it does seem to work for them quite well.

    • Deewin

      I'm expecting Starcraft clone from them very soon πŸ˜€

  • dumas1000

    All these indie devs & indie fanboys need to give it up already. Seriously. It's embarrassing. All this whining isn't going to change anything. Iron Man 2 catipulted to the top of the AppStore's gross selling chart the day it came out and hasn't given that spot up yet. Zombie Infection will likely replace it. And Hero of Sparta 2 will replace Zombie Infection. And Prince of Persia will replace HOS2. And Splinter Cell will replace POP. Those who try to sabotage Gameloft in hopes they fail have lost. So deal with it, like a man. Go back to your line drawing games and Doodle games and stick figure games and stop your damn crying. Your arguments are old, stale, & irrelevent. Gameloft is the highest grossing AppStore, whether you like it or not. That's what the set out to do and that's what they did. They win. You lose. Get on with your lives.

    • MiKHEILL


    • JORDZ

      nice bro lol

    • Noman

      A great point, but my hope is for games like chaos rings that show how bad gameloft games really are. gameloft games are the best because there's no competition and I'm fine with that. I just really want to see truly good games like these gameloft ones.

      • About Time

        Yeah gameloft games are great, mostly due to funding or whatever but they still need to be polished, Norman is right about Chaos Rings. Its obvious the first priority is $$$. Not that wanting to sell your product is a bad thing but for example whens the last time a Gameloft game had an notable update? besides dungeon hunter which they put out with bugs making it unplayable past a certain level. Either way, I will probably buy this game, just my gripe.

      • jackthewhore

        Chaos rings? The game that forces you to reuse the same boring, bland backdrops about 30 times in order to finish the game? I really can't see why that game is rated so highly.
        Okay story, okay battle system, very disappointing game areas (did they purposely make the backdrops as dull as possible? If you are going to be forced to re-use them, at least make them interesting!) and lots of polish = slightly above gameloft standard.

    • jooso

      Just because something sells well doesn't mean the games are good. Most of gameloft games are just awful copies of better games. You must feel proud for standing up to subpar games made by a soulless company.

      • MrMuesli

        For me the problem is not that they copy other games, but rather that they all play so alike, that really unless you are a graphics whore, you may as well only have one.

    • GronchoMax

      Mate, hurts to see someone thinking that way. You became a zombie. Gameloft makes good copies (they are not even great). The indies here may just be saying that. Is not as good as everyone expects from a company that owns almost the whole iPhone market (you said it yourself, #1 on every week).

      The thing is, the games they copy are actually from companies that once where indies, like much of the guys here. So when I read you saying to indies to go back to their poor little indie games and move on with their lives is actually pretty lame. Ok, most indie games suck big time. Bored as hell. But there are a few, a good bunch actually, which are really impressive and you may see them on your XBOX or PS3 in a couple of years.

      Then they will become big companies with 4500 koreans working in a 2x2 every day or whatever and they will come up with cool games YOU will make line in rain six days with your brother to pay $79.00 for.

      Then gameloft will make a good, not excellent, not great, not the best, not better, but just GOOD copy of it.

      And you know what? you, my friend, will buy that one on the first day. Big companies, where indie devs too. 100% of them.

      So next time you say something about an indie, think about that.

      With love and respect,

    • Chad

      Weak post.

      Indies have nothing to do with railing against Gameloft you fool.

      The issue is with a company (Gameloft) ripping off major developers' established IPs and getting cold paid because said developers are late to the iDevice party.

      Go to school fool.

  • Harv

    zombie lion - gweeeerrrrrggghhhh

  • Zastro

    Whatever will Gameloft do when they run out of ideas to steal?

  • Howard

    Its better than the official RE game that's for sure...! πŸ˜€

  • dyscode

    Hey Mr. Moderator,
    the comment I supplemented with the my above commet got lost, it seems!

  • micro

    Gameloft will continue to rip off other games as long as it works. Why does it work ? because YOU, all of you, buy those games. As soon as the trend will go somewhere else GL will move with its market.

    Why *risk* your money doing artsy creative stuff when you can *invest* more of it to make sure and steady revenues?

    At the end it's all business πŸ™‚

    While I wholeheartly agree that the cellphone version of ZI was more original, let bear in mind that the hardest part is to make the game, not the idea/concept. And as long as it's fun, who cares if it's new?

  • Melikegameloft

    Hope the price drops to at least 4.99 soon

  • Charles

    Gameloft sucks? You know, this ends up being a very personal point of view. For example: to me, Chaos Rings suck, because despite every technical achievement it displays, I HATE that goddamn JRPG gameplay. Gameloft games are shameless rip-offs? YES! They are sometimes quite imperfect technically? YES! But they can be fun. And thats all that matters to me.

  • youjean

    Gameloft games SUCK. everything seems to be half-assed, I've been playing most of them, like assassins creed, nova, modern combat, BIA,2, and all of them have shitty controls, shitty movement, shitting gameplay. not cause I'm picky but everything is so half assed and if they even had beta-testers all they did was kiss gameloft's ass.

    I hate the crosshair, and how it always auto-aims to the WRONG thing is frustrating. all the textures suck, and the character always runs like a bitch. the D-Pad is always sticky and the aiming is shitty as always. The gameplay is extremely repetitive and all you do is follow the arrow to wherever it leads you, and I actually thought killing stuff was boring as hell, where it would be fun on some other games.
    not to mention the voice actors and dialogue is corny aswell

    not that I'm against iphone gaming though, I love stuff like black shades, which was developed by some indie developer, metalwars and a bunch of other stuff that was totally under-rated. I love SE, Konami, EA, Gamevil games, I know they're big companies but come on Gameloft you're 10 years old.

    Played this game and thought it was shit, up to some spider-water-monster thing and biggest waste of time ever, also their fonts suck dick.
    they bring shame to the original

  • Kristen wright

    Anyone know how to beat that big water spider thingy on the zombie infection app?

  • Mason

    Real soccer by game lift sucks. Glitchy half assed famed that only mindless apple 14 year old fan boys who can only afford 99 cent games will 5 star it.