James Cameron's Avatar Lite ($6.99)

From our review:

While each of the individual gameplay elements isn't particularly groundbreaking, Avatar's major achievement is the sense of immersion and scale that Gameloft has managed to create in an iPhone game. Movie tie-in or not, this seems to be one of the most ambitious iPhone games to date.

Superfall LITE ($1.99)

We quite enjoyed Superfall in our review:

Overall, SuperFall is a great combination of casual ragdoll gaming with an extensive achievement/upgrade system that may lure in both casual gamers and hardcore completionists.

Rayman 2 Free ($6.99)

In our review, we had issue with the controls of Rayman 2 but some people seemed to take to them better than others. So here's your chance to try it yourself.

  • NFreak007

    Typical! They bring out a Lite version of Avatar the day after I buy it! Oh well, I'm enjoying it quite a lot anyway.

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    Definitely give Rayman2 Lite a bash. I have never had any problem with the controls.. The lack of auto-save has however irked me!!

  • Dr. Physic

    Interesting why games like Superfall and Max Injury get all the limelight when iDrop Dead is kept in the shadows although it's a superb ragdoll game...

  • http://www.silentrocco.com SIlent Rocco

    Thanks for the Superfall lite.
    This is not entertaining me as much as I thought it would.
    Will not get the full version, although it's really well done.
    Now trying Rayman.

  • http://www.mentation.nl/thanatist/ Thaurin

    The Rayman lite actually seemed like a whole lot of fun. I'm a bit worried about the save system, like everyone else. This is not a PSX, but a phone, everyone! 🙂 But it's a complete game and pretty fun, to boot. The camera needs getting used to, but other than that it ran great on my iPhone 3G.

  • Corey

    hmmm. Avatar Man was it a great movie but man the game did not hold up to the movie

  • Terry

    Rayman 2 Free ($6.99)

    not so free?

  • http://bentalman.posterous.com/ Yer Re

    I love the Avatar 3D movie, particularly the story line, not only it brings a totally new feelings however eye opening ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can't wait to watch it again...!

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    Yup...the energy is building up!