Lites to Try: Avatar, Superfall, Rayman 2

James Cameron’s Avatar Lite ($6.99)

From our review:

While each of the individual gameplay elements isn’t particularly groundbreaking, Avatar’s major achievement is the sense of immersion and scale that Gameloft has managed to create in an iPhone game. Movie tie-in or not, this seems to be one of the most ambitious iPhone games to date.

Superfall LITE ($1.99)

We quite enjoyed Superfall in our review:

Overall, SuperFall is a great combination of casual ragdoll gaming with an extensive achievement/upgrade system that may lure in both casual gamers and hardcore completionists.

Rayman 2 Free ($6.99)

In our review, we had issue with the controls of Rayman 2 but some people seemed to take to them better than others. So here’s your chance to try it yourself.