Craneball Studios, the developers behind Blimp and 33rd Division, have recently released their latest iPhone game Superfall.

Superfall is a surprisingly enjoyable ragdoll physics game that combines tilt-controls along with numerous achievements and upgrade system that rewards you for continued play.

The core gameplay of Superfall involves a falling ragdoll that you control with left/right tilt. Along the way, you need to avoid obstacles to minimize damage while grabbing power-ups and avoiding getting stuck. The goal is to fall the furthest while staying in one piece.

Rotary wheels, pistons, grinders, blackholes, vents, traps, bumpers, and mines block your way during your descent. Special powers include "time warp" which slows down the action so you make a more planned descent, as well as the ability to shake your iPhone to wiggle your way out of a jam. Both can only be used a limited amount of time, so you need to conserve.

If that's all there was to the game, you'd still have a solid casual game, but the game also offers you a steady supply of 30 unlockable ragdolls that provide improved capabilities:

Earned in-game experience can be used to upgrade to the a better ragdoll, though some ragdolls can only be unlocked by accomplishing specific achievements. The early pacing seems really well thought out, giving you an incentive to play just a bit more to unlock the next achievement/ragdoll.

Check out the developer video:

Overall, SuperFall is a great combination of casual ragdoll gaming with an extensive achievement/upgrade system that may lure in both casual gamers and hardcore completionists.

App Store Link: SuperFall, $1.99

TouchArcade Rating

  • monster

    Well, it looks better than Stair Dismount, but that's not really saying much...

    • scott richards

      Stunt junkie is the most fun ragdoll i think. way too short but def the best.

  • Lord Gek

    This game so rocks! Max Injury/Stair Dismount like fun in an endless well with buckets of achievements/unlockables!

  • mek

    ipad support?

    i stopped buying iphone/ipod touch apps about two months ago and would love to play this on an ipad [native, not scaled up]

  • dollRider

    Looks so totally boring like Stairs Dismount. iDrop Dead's the only _cool_ ragdoll game out there with dismemberments and blood.

  • RPGGuy

    It's the opposite of Puppet Jump!

  • NewJorg

    They should have just called this Little Big Plummet.

    • Jack

      They should have just called it iDrop Dead... wait, they already did...

      • rich_952000

        This game, IMO, is well differentiated from iDropdead and all the other "ragdoll rhysics" games, for that matter. I'm a fan of both. I also like Stair Dismount and Max Injury. All of these games are unique enough to deserve spots on my device. πŸ™‚

  • menom

    I'll check this out even if I don't normally go for this style of game

    Blimp is just such a great game (in grafix, control and sound) that anything made by same team has to be worth a look

    I really hope a Blimp 2 or game based on similar physics comes out - the original is one of the best iPhone apps in my opinion - playable but difficult enough to be challenging

  • Symbolist

    Fun to play for a while. Typical casual game. Thats fine by me.

  • Came_from_desert

    WHy on earth do they clone idop dead game which is boring and ugly? well atleast this is not ugly but still looks boring. the 3D rag doll games are much better and actually fun! πŸ™‚

  • Thorero

    I bought the game yesterday, as I quite liked Blimp, and generally enjoy physics based apps.

    As for those who say it's an iDrop Dead clone, it isn't. It's got ragdolls, and it's got physics, but that's about where the similarity ends.

    As was said in the review above, the pacing is good, starting you off with one ragdoll, and making it very fun to start unlocking more.

    The basic gameplay, as once again, said above, is pretty simple, steer the ragdoll, try not to break too many bones, and rack up as many points as you can, and then buy yet more ragdolls. And as was said above, it's a casual game. So don't expect a plot or storyline.

    Now for the part of the game I like the most, the art style! Think LittleBigPlanet from the PS3/PSP, combined with some glossy OS X icons, and crisp clean colours, and you've pretty much got Superfall. In every way it's gorgeous.

    All in all, it's a great app for short bursts of play, and for the price of burger, it's pretty damn cheap.

  • seo lace

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  • Superfall Fail

    I love this game! I just downloaded it today and can't get enough! Sadly, my ipod touch died after an hour of playing, but now that i'm charging it when i open up Superfall as soon as i click the play button, it quits to the home screen! I've tried restarting it but I don't know what to do. Help so i can play this awesome game again!

    • Gymnastsince95

      I'm having a similar issue. I hit the hold button while in game and then went back to the game and continued. I finished the round and then when i am in the store and i hit "play", it crashes to my homescreen. now it does it Everytime.

    • Kristina Iankova

      OPENFEINT on the app is causing the problem. Disable the openfeint and I will work fine. ALternatly disconnect your ipod/iphone from the internet then openfeint will not launch.

  • Kristina Iankova

    OPENFEINT on the app is causing the problem. Disable the openfeint and I will work fine. ALternatly disconnect your ipod/iphone from the internet then openfeint will not launch.