It appears that several iPad specific version of games have already been approved by Apple and are inadvertently appearing in Apple's iTunes Web Interface. PadGadget dug around found several "HD" apps that are likely iPad versions of popular games:

Ammoin HD
Azkend HD
Flight Control HD
Grind HD
Labyrinth 2 HD
NBA Hotshot HD
Numba HD
Plants vs. Zombies HD
Sparkle HD
Worms HD

Several of these games have already been pre-announced, but notably, iPad versions of Plants vs. Zombies and Worms had not been known to be launch titles.

The iPad launches on April 3rd, 2010.

  • 1337brian


  • Spock

    Only girls with periods care about the ipad. 

    • SalsaMD


    • Firestar

      Oh, come on, the joke's been and gone. Why post if you can't post something relevant?

      I'm very excited to see Worms HD - like the PSN version, perhaps. The XBLA, PSN and iPhone versions were all very similar.

    • Adams Immersive

      Gamepads, touchpads, Windows notepad, Star Trek PADD... that joke dates back to the Civil War (first used, I believe in the Gettysburg Address).

    • JCat

      And people who spew out the overused sanitary pad jokes about Apple's latest are obviously poor. That's cool though, just mow a few thousand'll be able to get one of your pwn. l

  • Maniacfive

    Awesome, my iPad will be nicely stocked with HD games when i finally get my UK based hands on one. ZA: 2nd Wave will probably be the first thing I purchase, then P vs Z, and Worms. Oh and Eliminate but that's free it doesn't count.

    Spock. Funny that your ripping on the iPad name considering Star Trek has used PADDs for years without any juvenile humour. What is it about Apple that brings out the immature 13 year old in everyone?

  • Craig

    The iPad always will and still is just a large version of the iPhone, don't try and say it's not because it is, this list of games just backs up my point, the games are already out on the Appstore and have just been ported to work on the iPad.

    Apples worst decision so far.

    • SalsaMD

      Oh, Now I see. Thank for clarifying. So, you are in the camp that perceives that size never matters, eh?

      Report back here in one years's time when the ipad store has a chance to mature. Them we can more objectively derail, or champion your scarcely informed remarks.

    • hoochie

      This is a dumb response. The people who want an iPad already know its an oversized iPod, and that's exactly what we want out of it.

    • Bob D

      Idiotic. Not only does size make a huge difference for many apps, but I must have missed where the iPhone could support a Bluetooth keyboard, or had 802.11 wireless, or could run apps like iWork and OmniGraffle.

      Back on topic, can't wait for PvZ, not having to tap in tiny little squares should make this the ideal machine for that game.

    • Jeff

      The thing is, the iPhone/iPod touch is just a screen with a couple of buttons. The hardware is just a window into the software, which is what really matters on a device like that. The multitouch interface *is* the device. When you make the screen significantly larger, you drastically change what's possible with that interface. And that is why the iPad will be awesome.

      • spiffyone

        Ah, but "drastic change" isn't always for the better. Some games undoubtedly will have good changes, some will suffer due to lack of comfort/portability.

        Besides which, I still say the hype for iPad gaming is overblown at the moment. I still see the device appealing to older consumers than the iPhone/touch market, and those consumers will buy less games as they are not in the "core" gamer market (as the majority of iPod touch users are) nor are on the upper age scale of that market as are iPhone users. And the market for iPad will undoubtedly be much smaller than that for the iPhone/touch platform. All in all I see less of a market for games on this thing, and eventually the devs will see that and support it even less.

    • Stickyicky

      Dumb & Dumber! Wait until all of the sweet magazine subcriptions are released for the iPad! You won't be able to do that on any smartphone! Some people are just too stupid to think outside of their not-so-comical jabs at the iPad. The iPad will be a huge success and then everyone can shut the hell up and spew their hate elsewhere!

    • Dran

      Im with craig on this, I consider the iPad a novelty item at best, and the fact that most polls show that 70%+ of users will just be using the iPad to surf the net kinda proves that point.

      But hey, if there's enough schmucks who will fork out 600-800 bucks for an oversized iTouch, all the power to Apple, they are free to make money any way they see fit. Personally I'd spend that cash on an HP Slate instead, and run Win7 on it, AND have multitasking... but hey, what the hell do I know.

      • ImNoSuperMan

        @Dran: I dont think anyone thought iPhone will be used for gaming when it was first announced in Jan 2007. And it was priced at $600. Still they sold extremely well even without any 3rd party apps and games. A year later appstore was announced and another year later iPhone platform is already giving DS and PSP good competition.

        Why do you doubt about iPad's gaming capabilities after all this has already happened? A crap load of people are going to buy the iPad (me included) and wether they are a gamer or not, a huge percentage of them will start gaming on it.

        I have no doubts about iPad being as big a success as iPhone and iPods 🙂

      • Adams Immersive

        Fictional numbers! Always a good sign of a reasonable position 🙂

        Apparently the $499 iPad now costs $600, 70% of people will not use anything but the browser 😀 (I’d love to see a link to “most” surveys—if only they weren’t imaginary.)

        92.4% of iPad trolls are 68.2% afraid, 71.2% insecure, and 2.9% of them have any idea why the feel so upset about the change that the iPad is bringing.

      • Dran

        ChangeWave survey shows web surfing at 68%, not 70%, you are so right, my bad. Here is your link:

        The reason the iPhone was a success was becasue there was no comparable device like it on the market, and it rolled PDAs, music, video and phones all into one easily pocketable portable device. It brought something to consumers that they did not have before.

        At least most Steve Jobs suckasses are willing to admit that they are happy enough that the iPad is nothing more than a big iTouch - that is the only "change" iPad is bringing, a bigger screen, and a bigger pricetag. Whoop-de-doo.

      • Scott

        @Dran: You might want to look at that graph again. The numbers add up to more than 100%, which indicates that respondents were allowed to give *all* of their planned uses for the device. Frankly, I'm surprised that web browsing didn't come out somewhere near 100%, as Apple's obviously pushing that as an "intended" use of the iPad.

        I'm getting really tired of this meme that an increase in screen size doesn't indicate any real change from the iPod Touch/iPhone. By that logic, there's no difference between a 15" and a 50" television - it's just a TV, right? You really *can* do different things on a touchscreen of that size. I'm planning to do quite a bit of music composition and improvisation on the iPad, which should be more intuitive than a keyboard/mouse interface but more comfortable than the iPhone. As someone who loves the iPhone technology but just can't get comfortable working on a screen that small, I'm glad that this device is coming out.

    • JCat

      Some of the SAME games are coming out because they're DONE already and developers are just upping the resolution and adding new features to take advantage of the ipad. You will eventually see ipad exclusives once the device has been out a while. Even if it's an overgrown itouch, that's exactly what the doctor ordered: Game-playing without squinting, or having your thumbs cover half the friggin' screen. The web browsing alone is going to be so much worth it.. and yes, a netbook can do it, but I'd much rather use simple finger swipes which will feel more natural, than using a damn touchpad or dangling mouse off the couch.

  • Ratchet

    When you have already bought one of these games for iPhone, do you have to pay for the iPad Version again?

    • SalsaMD

      varies from one developer to the next, probably based on how much effort was need to make an ipad optimized version.

    • Nitzan

      I was thinking the same thing. I assume that we do have to pay for them again since they seem to be a separate app with a new name (HD added).

  • Bok Choy

    Cool! I'd love to see Plants Vs. Zombies played on it. Bet it looks freaking amazing.

  • Zastro

    Calling them 'HD' is a bit cheeky as the iPad is far from being even 720p, let alone 1080p. It's more like SD + a little bit.

    • SalsaMD

      consider it then, "highER definition"

    • justbustr

      The iPad has a 1024x768 screen (4:3), and a 720p screen is 1280x720 (in a 16:9 format). This tells me that if the iPad were shorter and wider to fit the 16:9 format, it would be exactly 720p. As it is, it will play 720p content perfectly, albeit either zoomed out with bars at top and bottom, or zoomed in, cutting off the sides. Not ideal for HD video viewing, but from the look of the demos, far from poor.

      • OwlBoy

        That is a very well reasoned argument to still calling them HD.

        It is still a bit annoying how people throw the word "HD" around these days for stuff that is maybe only DVD quality or LESS.

      • Zastro

        I take your point, but HD is very clearly defined, and there are only two sizes- 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Anything else isn't an HDTV size, and so it's misleading to use the term 'HD'.

        I really don't understand why Apple gave the iPad an old school near square shaped screen. TV content hasn't been made in that format for a decade or so and movies haven't been 4:3 since the 1940s. Web pages would benefit from a rotated, very tall display too, as they are typically long lines of narrow paragraphs. As a media player the iPad is a weird creation.

        But I won't go down the path of iPad bashing or I'll be here all evening. I'm not a fan, needless to say.

    • Stickyicky

      The iPad can play back and display HD video. It can even handle HD YouTube videos. The iPhone's screen has always looked gorgeous, so I expect the same out of the iPad. Plus, on devices this small, the difference between 720p and 1080p will be far from noticable! Find something else to complain about!

  • araczynski

    can't wait to see the iPad pricing, probably everything X3.

    • araczynski

      ...err i mean iPad GAME pricing...

      • snow_mani

        Well I can't wait to see iPad pricing. Apple still haven't announced it for Australian purchasers.

  • swarmster

    Wow, okay, two things if this is true (i.e. these are actual final versions and not just previews for the iPad reviewers out there):

    1) I'm really going to have to take back my prediction that it would take PopCap a year to port Plants vs. Zombies. Something I will be more than happy to do.

    2) If Worms HD controls well (I'd be really interested to know how the ninja rope works - does anyone have the iPhone version? How do you let go, aim, and shoot at the same time in mid-air?) and is anything like Worms Armageddon, that could be reason alone to get the iPad. W:A doesn't work with Windows Vista or 7, so when I visit my brothers these days it's as though we've lost a dear friend. Being able to pass around an iPad would be amazing.

    Bonus: 3) Flight Control for launch?! April 3rd can't come soon enough.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Just curious, what was the reasoning that made you think Plants vs. Zombies would take a year to port to iPad?

      • swarmster

        Well, for one...

        Confirmation that PopCap will make iPhone version of Peggle: March 12, 2008
        iPhone version of Peggle released: May 12, 2009 (14 months)


        Confirmation that PopCap will release Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone: August 20, 2009
        iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies released: February 14, 2010 (6 months)

        Or just the really slow pace at which they've been porting their games over to the iPhone in general, despite constantly praising the platform. Or the slow pace of updates after release (see Bookworm bugs, or Peggle music).

        And then the interviews when the iPad was announced with PopCap saying they'd be taking their time and possibly reworking games to better suit the device. I assumed a lead time similar to those above, if not longer. So about a year.

        If I say "well they may be giving us PvZ for launch, but don't expect Peggle HD until 2011 at least!" does that mean we'll get it next week, too? ...Please?

    • :o

      I'm very excited about this, even though I'm not gonna cash out on an iPad.

      The screen is far too small to play Worms decently. I can't remember how the controls go, but I think it's like this:

      You select the part of the arc that you want to shoot (for those weapons that it applies to) and touch and hold depending on how strong you want the shot to be.

  • Gates

    Awesome now a THIRD version of every app to look forward too clogging up the store.

    • SalsaMD

      There will be a separate ipad section.

  • Rudi

    Any idea, how much ipad games will cost? I´m afraid more than the iphone versions.

  • Lazrhog

    Whether it's a big iPhone or not, the iPad is just the coolest bit of tech ever. I and many others want, and will get one. I'll probably make new apps ipad compatible, but I'm not sure some games that worked on the iPhone will work on the ipad. I'm looking forward to maybe a really good touchscreen strategy game the most I think.... Something that never (for me anyway really worked on the smaller iPhone screen.

  • Steve

    I'd prefer Team17 got that online multiplayer update out that they promised would be out by the end of 2009 rather than porting worms again.

  • Matt

    Oh wow, I'm imagining PvZ being exactly the same size, but the grid being extended to iPad proportions :-o. So instead of five rows you'd have, like, 20, or whatever. Zombie carnage! 😀

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Interesting, but I bet you get it looking more like the original desktop game. Which will be very nice and convenient to get sucked into.

  • Volodymyr

    who cares what u think? I mean that if you want to buy an iPad, go on. if you don't, so what is the point to post about this? No one really cares.....

  • Jonah

    I'm sure there is an iPad audience, but I won't get one because I can't see any reason why I'd want one, I have a 3GS, and I've got an Alienware M11x netbook/laptop that I use for pretty much everything.

  • Heel Tastic

    the only problem I see is that I already bought plants vs zombies 2 days ago... now I have to buy again.