Free games are almost as awesome as free samples at the grocery store, or maybe more awesome depending on how you look at it. Three cool games are free today, and like most price changes, they will only be free for a short period of time so it's best not to wait before downloading these games.

Alchemize, $2.99 → FREE

Alchemize looks to be a simple match 3, but the gameplay is actually quite complex with all kinds of things to unlock, different game modes, and other surprises. We liked the game in our review, and it's really worth checking out to see how they managed to mix up the match 3 formula.

Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense Advanced, $4.99 → FREE

While I wasn't really crazy about this naval tower defense game when it was first released, it has since been updated a ton with all kinds new content, gameplay tweaks, achievements, and OpenFeint integration with online leaderboards.

Textropolis, $1.99 → FREE

Where most word finding games have you frantically searching for words to beat a timer, Textropolis has much more laid back gameplay that allows players to search for words made from the letters found in the names of 30 different included cities at their own pace. If you like Textropolis, check out the sequel, Fishtropolis [$1.99] as well.

  • Habakuk

    Don't forget the new & frenzy game "Attroic", FREE for a limited time. A genius mixture of Labyrinth, Harbour Master and Bankshot. I like it very much and wrote a review here @ this tA thread:

    • Habakuk

      Sorry. The name is "Arroic".

  • Hawk

    Thanks for the news, Helps to not miss good deals

  • Josh

    Its a cool trailer, but there is no way the Alchemize devs really licensed that song... heh

  • Adams Immersive

    I really like Textropolis (and there’s a sequel of some kind) but I find myself compelled to play one city (to at least a 3-star level)straight through in one sitting! Luckily there are a lot of cities.

    BTW Navy Patrol has some unlockable content (green lock icon) that you get with “points” from their marketing partners as near as I can tell (download some app and get points, etc.). Aforementioned partners seem to trend toward a hard right political slant, which I want no part of, but a day or so ago you could get some of these unlockables (the extra levels) for 0 points. So you might want to check and see if that promotion is still going on. (The other point-based unlockables are a handful of additional towers, and an endless mode.)

    I don’t yet know if you can earn those points in-game as well. Hopefully so. But even if not, and even if the added levels are no longer “free,” this still looks pretty fun!

  • Yuggle

    Textropolis is somewhat entertaining, definitely worth the download.

  • yo

    I guess the alchemize devs finally caved after their bitching?

    Also: Textropolis is awesome. I got it free a couple months ago during a promotion.

  • FreeMicrosoftpointsGuy

    thanks for this! gotta love free stuff :)))

  • Fernando

    Thanks for the background information on Navy Patrol, Adams Immersive. That sort of stuff is always worth knowing before you download.

  • http://SA Jakewastaken

    It looks like Textropolis is still listed as $1.99