‘Alchemize’ – A Different Kind of Matching Puzzler Now Only $0.99

494977_4Schiau Studios’ matching puzzler Alchemize has been generating interest since it’s release back in August. While initially priced at $9.99, the game has since seen progressive discounts and is now sitting at $0.99 ahead of a 1.1 version update.

While the game resembles a Match-3 puzzler, the gameplay actually revolves around a progressive discovery of new elements. The game starts with two kinds of elements (yellow and green bottles). The green bottles when combined form a yellow bottle. The yellow bottles when combined form a new element altogether – a red bottle. Match 3 red bottles and you get purple bottle, and so on.

The goal of the game is to progressively unlock more elements until you reach the ultimate one… gold. There are 25 elements in all and the progressive unlocks add a nice strategic twist to the match 3 genre. The game offers a nice long term goal-directed challenge rather than the usual mindless mechanic of many other matching games.

The game contains a global high score list and currently a single game mode as described above. The pending 1.1 update will offer two modes including Action and Avalanche.

App Store Link: Alchemize, $0.99