Indie developer Knife Media recently let us in on a project they've had in the works for quite some time now. Originally developed for the PC, Choma was a finalist in to the 2009 Unity Awards amongst tons of other entries. Choma is a platforming game with a diverse art style that varies greatly between levels, in the game you play as Choma who according to Knife Media "a small bouncing fruit with a big part to play".

Check out the following early gameplay trailer:

Knife Media boasts Choma will be the one of the first "true AAA titles" exclusive to the iPad, and they're shooting for a release window of mid to late 2010. Judging by the gameplay trailer alone, Choma seems quite similar to Rolando. Ngmoco has not said anything publicly on the fate of the Rolando series, or whether or not there is a Rolando 3 in the works, so if Knife Media plays their cards right it's entirely possible that Choma could be the Rolando of the iPad.

  • starmonkey101

    looks fresh! just wish it were on the IPHONE!

  • Raphie123

    that's it.... Now that the iPad is out, the iPhone will be slowly forget by the devs and most of the games are going to be iPad exclusive... S**t

    • Johnny

      Don't think so, no ones knows if the iPad will take off. I'm of the personal opinion it won't. And even if it does I doubt most people will be buying it for just playing games. It's not portable, I'd rather play on a console with a huge TV.

    • Adams Immersive

      Not a chance, don’t worry.

      No matter HOW bug the iPad gets, people won’t carry it everywhere—they’ll carry their pocket-sized phone and/or music player. (And some people without an iPhone/iPod will want one more after getting an iPad.)

      Plus iPad will attract more developers to Apple’s touch platform—and very often, they’ll be glad to release their work to more devices.

      Then add in the facts that the iPhone keeps getting better capabilities (and iPod too) and that their sales are through the roof. A growing market means more games will keep coming.

      To worry that the iPad will kill iPhone gaming, you’d have to believe that a) the iPad will dent sales SO much that it outweighs the increase in iPhone users and b) that people will carry them all the time and leave their phone at home.

      Not to mention, the iPhone/iPod games market could actually stand to take a big hit and still emerge huge.

      • Adams Immersive

        I was actually not on my iPhone when I typed ‘bug’ instead of ‘big’!

  • radchad1 bad the ipad is a crappy product that can't do everything a netbook can do. As for those worried about developers forgetting the iphone/touch it won't happen. Remember this the iphone and ipod touch have sold millions upon millions of units. Developers won't forget who has the numbers anytime soon and will still develop for the iphone and touch. As for the developers that are alienating us to stick with one unit; I say it your loss and your possible revenue you lose at that decesion. I for one have no desire for an ipad and think it's the most gimicky product Apple has ever come up with.

  • MetaGonzo

    No chance. The phone/pod installed base will be much greater than the pad's for a long, long time; maybe forever. There'll be a few pad exclusives (which may be great) but any dev looking for volume sales will have to cater for all the devices.

  • Ben!

    This looks awesome. Very, very unfortunate that it's going to be an iPad exclusive (for now). I do agree, however, that this sort of thing probably won't continue for too long considering how silly the iPad seems to be.

    • radchad1

      Remember one thing about the ipad are you really going to be pulling one out and playing it in front of a bunch of people and looking like a dork or are you going to play games on an iphone or touch that is a much smaller device.

      • Rick

        Why do you care so much what other people think?

        Be a man and do what you want.

  • akira01

    @radchad1:"to bad the ipad is a crappy product"

    You have got one in hand to says that ?

    • radchad1

      How's that flash working on one....oh that's right it doesn't work. So what we have here is a portable touch screen laptop that isn't really a laptop at all. Let's just say I've seen it personally and was not impressed with anything about it. I'll stick with my netbook that cost me $299.00 and runs all websites in flash glory.

      • Eli Hodapp

        We get it, the iPad sucks and you're not getting one.

      • Johnny

        The iPad is like Pocket God, there's no point to it. Maybe there will be when it gets updated for the 100th time.

      • Rick

        You say that as if not running Flash were actually a _bad_ thing...!

        What's the matter? Are you worried you won't be able to watch videos on your favourite porn site??

      • ChrisF

        The price, definitely is ridiculous.

        I wouldn't mind the noflash, though. Flash is like old windows (pre windows 7). It's actually not that good, but it's so popular.

        Google has released Google Voice and a beta of Youtube in HTML5, and the sooner others use HTML5 for apps, the better.

      • poddypops

        ummm..... the iPhone doesnt have flash either and its the biggest thing ever. And also i bet most of you play your iphone/touch games at home most of the time anyway.

  • Greg

    So it's exclusively on the iPad... and PC? Sounds dubious.

  • Jack Shiels (Knife Media)

    Just to give you guys a heads up, If people want this on iPhone enough, we could consider doing that in the future. For now, we are making Choma iPad exclusive.

    We were iPhone developers before this, so don't worry about any lack of support on the iPhone's part in our products!

    • Noman

      This looks really awesome, I would love to have it on iphone

    • poutini

      if you put this on the iPod/iPhone, I'd pick it up. I'm highly doubtful that I'll buy an iPad, just because it's so dang big, and I already have a netbook.

    • DaverJ

      Looks cool... I hope it's available on the iPad launch day!

    • Jake

      IMHO making anything iPad-only is a big mistake. It's like giving the middle-finger to 75 million iPod and iPhone owners.

    • ChrisF

      I'm sure a TON of us would appreciate support to the iPhone and iPT.

      As for the similarity to Rolando 2... I really don't like having to manage multiple characters.

  • radchad1


    You are telling me that your impressed with the ipad. I'm sure you've seen this also like I've now seen one and what does it do that my iphone 3gs can't do? What does it do that my laptop computer doesn't....a lot it doesn't do. it's a bad design and with all the good designs that apple has made under Steve's direction he was bound to make a screw up eventually.

    • Bruce

      Just because you don't like the design doesn't make it "a bad design"...

      What does an iPad do that other iDevices don't? It has a big screen! Don't you get it? A bigger screen = more real estate = gaming goodness!

  • Sangean

    This, a AAA title? What did the marketing guy smoke?

    • poddypops


  • Howard
    • MrMuesli

      I agree with Howard

      • poddypops

        Yes, Mr Howard makes a good point.

  • Silent Rocco

    iPad only? Hitting the ignore button.

  • Adam

    I wish the iPad leaned more towards being a laptop and away from an iPhone. It would have cemented my decision to get one. In its current state, theres no reason for me to get an iPad.

    You should seriously consider releasing this game to iphone/itouch users. You would make more money.

  • mek

    i find it all too funny that everyone on macrumors and toucharcade are saying how much the ipad sucks, even though they haven't played with it, it is not even out, and they haven't seen what it can do

    at least other parts of the internet are no so negative about a device that very few people have actually played with as a of yet

    • Adam

      You can see what the iPad does on apple's website.

      How can you have a "magical, revolutionary" device when you cant even view flash sites.

      Its just a BIG iphone. I dont have to use it to know I have no need for this product when I already have an iphone.

      • Bruce

        No Flash = good!

        I've seen this complaint over and over that iDevices can't support Flash.

        Seriously, can anyone give me an example of Flash usage that isn't a lame animated ad or a video plug-in?

      • Aaron Sullivan

        Dozens of excellent Flash games, Hulu and other online TV. Then again, the iDevices are a great place for fresh games, so that sort of balances out. I also think that Hulu wants to get on these devices, so we might see that coming in the next year or so. Still, you asked.

      • Bruce

        So your idea of good Flash usage is the ability to play some games (which aren't exactly lacking on the iDevice) and watching vids on sites like Hulu... and we all know how difficult it is to watch videos on an iPod! 😉

        See what I mean? If lack of Flash is someone's biggest complaint, it's not much of a complaint.

      • Aaron Sullivan
      • kalel39

        No flash is just one thing wrong with this device. I also wish it had USB ports so I could hook in an external DVD/CD drive so I can watch movies or rip songs into itunes or sync my iphone to it.

        I would have personally liked to have used the iPad to download/manage/sync with my iphone. But thats why I have a laptop instead, so no need for the iPad.

        This product fails, for me, on so many levels.

  • Scotty2hotty654

    Ipad looks cool, but if you can't grab it and stick it on your pocket, it's not going to replace anything. I would so much rather upgrade to a iPhone 4 than something that does less than something I already have...the only use I can see is it replacing textbooks, and it having a pen device to take notes on...BUT just imagine how hard it was to keep people from stealing your old paper books... It would have THEIVES written all over it.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Can I just revel in the humorous iPad rants, here?

    "Big Phone" "Won't run Flash!" "Look like a dork playing games on it." What makes it humorous to me is that these are on a site focusing on iPhone games. The iPhone is a phone. It also doesn't run flash and if you think you look like a dork playing a game on the iPad, how do you think you look squinting at a tiny device with your thumbs over the screen. 🙂 (Honestly, we live in an age where the Wii is ubiquitous.)

    Also can we all agree that calling the iPad a "Big Phone", "Big iPod Touch" is a cop out. It's like saying a laptop is a "Small Desktop Computer". Say it with a big enough sneer and someone might ignore the obvious benefits of the size difference.

    I don't know if it will succeed or not, but I sure am excited about developing for it.

  • Thomas

    In terms of Rolando 3, I believe Handcircus is finishing 'Project 3', then going back to the iPhone for Rolando 3.

  • h.grenade

    Not to ruin anyone's fun or anything but Unity has not even announced iPad support yet. This sample is running on the web player or in the editor. Maybe they will be building this from the ground up in an entirely new engine but I highly doubt it.

    I would like to take this time to announce that all Unity games are coming to iPad soon-ish, haha

  • Dran

    I predict this will get ported to iTouch/iPhone fairly quickly, I mean, if Apple pull their shit together maybe within a year they will sell 3-5 million iPads at best. With 40+ million iphones sold on the market, it simply makes no sound business sense to make this game iPad exclusive.

    I have a feeling this "exclusivity" announcement was just made to generate more publicity than anything else. Seems to be working so far.

  • araczynski

    cute, but not anything i'd pay for, or play.

  • Gavaphone

    Sorry, only for iPad??? let me laught hahahaha.

  • Colorsound

    What a joke.
    iPad only?

    That things not even out yet and you are supporting it exclusively???

    How about the iPod and iPhone crowd???

    We have been here all along supporting you!

    And if you think you are going to make any money going ONLY that route.....well, time will teach.

  • Deewin

    i thought toucharcade was about iphone and ipod touch games only? I have no real interest in getting the ipad and I'm pretty sure many other iphone/touch owners don't either.

    • Rick

      And yet many of us feel the iPad _should_ be covered here.

      It will run most (what, 99%?) of the same games, so why not give it coverage..?

  • Liam (aka TGR)

    Saying the iPad is just a big iPod Touch is like saying a 17" MBP is just a big netbook.

    • Scott

      This is a poor analogy, Liam

      The iPad is limited to only doing everything the iPod / iPhone already does.
      Actually, it does less, as it has no camera.

      So it's true, the iPad is a bigger iPod touch. Do some homework and you will see.

      Mac Book Pro is 1000 times what a netbook is - iPad is nothing more than the iPod is (except larger).