373748Here are a few Lites that are worth a try.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm Free - Easily the best first person shooter available on the App Store. We described it as "an excellent game that raises the bar of what is to be expected of future first person shooters on the iPhone, as well as being added to the short list of games with fantastic on-screen controls. "

Real Soccer 2010 Free - Still debating which soccer game to get? The Free version of Real Soccer 2010 gives you a chance to test out the controls and feel of this game.

Vending Machine Champ Lite - Here's one to download just to enjoy getting berated for cheaping out by getting the Lite version. The in-game announcer commentary may be worth the download as he taunts you for being a cheapskate.

And as a bonus tip, if you passed on Daniel Johnson's Hi, How Are You when we reviewed it due to its $2.99 price, it's since dropped back down to $0.99. [App Store]