Gameloft's Real Soccer 2010 is now available both Internationally and in the U.S. The game first appeared in international App Stores just a few days ago as Real Football 2010 with the U.S. version finally arriving tonight. The game, of course, is a followup to Real Soccer 2009 which was well received at the time. Gameloft has since added more content, better controls, online multiplayer and YouTube uploads of replays.

The early impressions from International adopters of the game found that the controls were indeed much enhanced, but early online multiplayer games have been laggy, from Metzas:

-The game is indeed improved from last year, but not in a major way. It is still in essence a dumbed down PS1-era Pro Evo clone.
-The controls are greatly improved. No fixed digital controls any more, the players run accordingly depending on the position of the analog stick and in all they feel smooth.
-The online experience so far has been disapointing. Having played 3 matches so far, each and every one of them had so much lag it was practically non playable (at least not enjoyable) so at this point at least, I wouldn't position the mode as a counterpoint to other app store offerings.

We'll have to spend some time with the U.S. version to see if this issue persists with the online play in the U.S. A sample of the uploadable YouTube replays can be seen here:

App Store Links: Real Soccer 2010, $6.99 (U.S.), Real Football 2010 (International)

  • Chad


  • Metzas

    Wow! A comment of mine on the front page of the site that I visit soooo many times per day! If I knew this was going to happen I would pay more attention to my grammar, sorry about that. Greetings from Greece!

  • Freeway82

    I love Gameloft but this game is a serious downgrade from Real Football 09.
    The characters are blockier and the joystick doesn't always react especially when you want to run faster.
    Near camera shows jagged characters unlike 09 that has great looking characters while on near camera.
    Only good thing is the replay.
    I deleted it after a couple of boring,slow paced matches and reinstalled Real Football 09 and X2 Football.
    Shame since Gameloft are my all time Ipgone Dev.

  • weky

    A little bit too expencive for that kind of game.

  • atecebm

    For all those considering buying this game, WAIT FOR FIFA!. This game is a serious disappointment and gameloft have really dropped their standards on this one. It is basically the same as real football 09 with marginally better graphics and controls.

    There is no flow at all in this game. You can't pass the ball around and set up a nice goal, through balls are difficult and it just plain lacks any innovation from their previous game. It feels like a crappy mobile game and looks like one too. It seems as if they really rushed this one out early. Online multiplayer is bad, it takes forever to get a game going and when you do, it lags to the point that it isn't fun.

    All in all, this game has given me little enjoyment. I will be waiting for fifa to hopefully give me a more sim-like game rather than a cheap mobile phone game.


  • Steven

    Terrible game, it is so boring. Bad graphics, bad gameplay, bad online multiplayer. Wait for fifa everyone. Can't believe how badly gameloft dropped the ball on this one. They're my favourite developers aswell.

  • hola

    yeeeeaaaaaaaa this game can save your goals and skils , that's sickkkk!!!

  • hola

    I just want to play the best game asphalt 5!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MasterOfIntercontinentialNecrobeastiality

    I have to agree with everyone that this game sucks.
    Badly done, Gameloft. Normally I love your games.

  • Johnny

    even at 0.99 i don´t belive they could make up for the investment..at 6.99 is dead meat

  • http://www.stormchild.net Stormchild

    Beware if you bought Real Soccer 09, as it has now been removed from the store. While this makes sense on one level, if you ever need to re-download RS09, you won't be able to now.

    • Steven

      Its because its basically the same game at a cheaper

  • http://www.twitter.com/kudzaikun kudzaikun

    so i tried it out this afternoon. I didnt like the controls of 09 but these controls where definately better. Unlike the other people the first thing i tried out was the online multiplayer. It seems like Gameloft is trying to create its own xbox live experience.

    I am more excited about that than i am excited about the actual game. Online for me ran very smoothly, a couple of slow downs here and there, but it worked well.

    I have to agree though the game is boring, i hope fifa is good. but besides that i am waiting to see more updates with their other games to enable more online play

  • deadcobain

    Online unplayable.. LAG LAG LAG horrible. Gameloft please fix this.

    *I only played through 3G connection

  • Serg

    Ok. Let me start off by saying that this game is ok when you are not playing online. Online gameplay is TERRIBLE! Gameloft should be shamed of themselfs. After waiting a whole year and hoping they made a multiplayer section it's not fair. I think many people where waiting for this game and gameloft blew it. Now what they need to do is fix the multiplayer section and maybe I'll concider playing this piece of trash again. But I don't think I will every play this game again because with fifa10 coming out very soon this game won't be on my iPhone anymore. FIFA 10 is going to ROCK

  • sheavon

    this game starts well on my n73 and then it automatically ends, can some help me with that. or explain to me what might be the cause

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