935497_2I-play released an official Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross game into the App Store overnight. The $4.99 game offers motocross fans a nice new iPhone game to test out their tricks and skills.

The game is 3D rendered and offers 8 different locations with over 60 levels. Each level is a short track that requires you to perform certain tasks to advance. These goals can be either a certain number trick points or coming in under a specific time and you need to get at least a bronze in order to unlock further levels.

The game is controlled like many other physics games with left/right tilt controls (touch buttons also an option) to keep your bike in balance. Tilting left adds more pressure on your back tire and will speed you up, and you'll need to level out in order to land jumps properly. Your bike auto-accelerates but there is also an on screen brake button.


Red Bull X-Fighters also offers a number of in-air tricks that can be performed in order to boost your scores. New tricks are introduced with the early levels and are invoked by on screen gestures. Once you catch air, pressing on the screen slows the action down to allow you to draw your trick shape. All tricks you've learned are shown on screen so you don't have to memorize them all right off. Combine tricks in one jump and you get bonus points. Gesture recognition, however, was a bit spotty for me at times. Different outfits and bikes with differing capabilities are unlocked as you play.

Our gameplay video shows a couple of the tracks:

In our time with the game, the levels stay rather short with very specific goals per level. As you do progress, you do build up your repertoire of tricks and bikes. While the gameplay remains essentially the same throughout, there appears to be plenty of content and replay value in improving your score.

While I've never been a huge fan of the use of this sort of gesture mechanic for iPhone games, as it always feels a bit gimmicky, I suppose it does allow for a large number (20) of possible tricks. If that isn't an issue for you, Red Bull X-Fighters seems to offer a lot of fun and challenging gameplay for physics-game fans.

App Store Link: Red Bull X-Fighers, $4.99

  • Twazzock

    Terrible sound effects.

    • DUS

      Played it, luv it!

      I don´t mind the sound, but love the graphics and the physics. But I agree with you Twazzock: Being able to play my own playlist during the game makes it even better.

  • rich_952000

    I on the other hand didn't find it gimicky 🙂

    Actually, I think with everything that is going on at once, this is a very good mechanic. While making simple gestures you have to maintain back/front flips as well as your landing disposition. Any other system would end up being either a one button trick or finger Twister.

    Awesome game and always you recieve incentive to keep playing unlockables, achievements scores and stats.

    One other thing is after finishing all levels of the tour with bronze or better there are special modes of play unlocked.


  • Synergistic Ideologue

    Seems a little weird to pay for a game with a product logo so prominently displayed. I'd feel better about it if it were free. It's kinda like buying a t-shirt with Coca-Cola or Calvin Klein printed on it and nothing else.

    • mikeadams

      people pay like $80 for a shirt that says calvin clein.

      • http://mattplays.com/ Matt

        They paid for a knockoff, then. 😛

  • Spike

    2 reasons I won't buy this..One is the way the sound of the bike cuts in and out and the other is crowd noise... I hate games that throw in fake crowd noise and hand clapping...

    • rich_952000

      You are missing out on a comprehensively, involving and outright fun game 🙂

  • Jessica

    There is something wrong paying $5 for a game that has Red Bull advertising all over it. If they want to advertise, then I expect the fee to be smaller. Not worth more than $1.

  • Pexonpx88

    Come on, it must be stupid to pay over 5 bucks for such a crapping game. I'll think about it if they make it free.

    • rich_952000

      Maybe you could invest 6+ months, a crapload of $$ and dealing with wannabe IGN critics, then you can offer your masterpiece for free and I won't play it.

      Get real, try paying for, and playing the game before just slandering a group of peoples hard work with no basis.

  • DUS

    Well, 5 bugs worth every dime!

    I actually download lots of free games but most of them are just cr*p. I enjoy saving money, no doubt, but if a game´s worth the asking price I never regret paying for it. Whether that´s a fiver for a mobile game or 60 bucks for a console game. And this FMX game is surely one of those games that´s well worth paying for.

    As for those saying it should be free because it´s got Red Bull in it´s title, c´mon, get real, guys! If you pay nothing, you get nothing. But then again, if you never pay for FIFA, NFL etc. games, at least you would be consistent in your actions. This is a great game with lots of work put into it, so the guys who did it deserve some credit and part of my hard earned cash.

  • Gerry Taylor

    Seriously? If $5 is a problem for an immersive game like this, then you really need to rethnk your entertainment. Maybe a nice ring with a stick is more your speed. The Redbull logo gives the thing some real life spark knucleheads, and the creators should DEFINATELY make a couple of bucks for turning out such a great little game. I've gold trophied the whole thing twice screwing around with it a little each evening. Kudos to Xendex.