vampire-origins-screenshot-00127_rt0Chillingo has been a bit secretive about their upcoming title Vampire Origins after releasing some very impressive looking 3D screenshots back in April. Today, they released some more screenshots and the first gameplay video from the upcoming title.

The game is described as featuring "immersive cutting-edge adventure mixed with fast-paced, intense fighting action".

New screenshots are included below:

The game is being developed by Ice-Hill and is expected in the coming weeks.

  • eggzbacon

    Looks great

  • Moonmist

    this looks awesome, it's like idracula on steroids and a story!

  • booch138

    As awesome as this looks, I don't see Apple approving this by any means. Which is sad, but with all that blood, it doesn't look as if it will bode well for the devs. If they do, however, I plan on purchasing this immidiately upon it's release. Looks fun as hell.

    - Booch138

    • Adams Immersive

      Games have always had age-group content ratings on the App Store (and other apps do too, now). With the proper rating, I expect it would be fine.

      • booch138

        I only say that because I practically have no games with any sort of blood, when some really should. I didn't know the App Store had any kind of age group rating that allowed for gorey games. Hero of Sparta has orange blood, some other games have a little green blood. But nothing like this really. I mean I am hoping it will go ok for them, I really hope so. But I don't expect it in the least bit to be as bloody as it is now.

  • GodSon

    O_O Oh my!!! Graphics look great and the gameplay as well. Also looks linear which i hope not...

  • SalsaMD

    But why such a simple shooting mechanism: "tap on enemy to kill"?

    • Big Albie

      That was my first thought as well. We'll see how that plays out.

      • Moonmist

        they need to adopt the idracula controls.

    • spiffyone

      Because it isn't an action game exactly.

    • biggE1669

      Same way that Diablo had a "click on enemy to kill".

  • Adams Immersive

    Those shots have full-screen AA. I\'m skeptical that anything but a 3GS could pull that off. In which case, maybe some of the other effects seen are 3GS-only? Just speculating. It could still look great even without the AA and simpler detail.

    And if my old 3G can pull off FSAA and detail like that, I\'ll be pleasantly surprised!

    • nizy

      I think its pre rendered backgrounds, so any effect is possible.

      • spiffyone


        I still don't understand why there's disbelief that the iTouch/Phone (non-3Gs, btw) can pull off a game that looks like this. It's pre-rendered backgrounds with polygonal characters. Same sort of deal as the pre RE4 Resident Evil games, which always had backgrounds that had detail far beyond the real time rendering capability of the hardware on which those games appeared.

    • crishnak

      Even the first screenshots looked like this and I don´t believe the developers knew the hardware specs of the 3G S back then. So I suppose these graphics aren´t 3G S only. Still I would be fine if it plays as great as it looks now. Graphics aren´t everything. 😉

  • astrosaurus

    Looking really, really good so far.

  • Alichan76

    A glorified version of Zombie Invasion? thanks!

  • bob

    it looks good but i think i would rather it had BIA / Terminator salvation style controls

    • crishnak

      This looks much like the old Alone in the Dark titles or Resident Evil. I doubt those controls would work on this.

  • aleceiffel

    looks like it may take some getting used to tapping those enemies in order to kill them. i may not have the digital dexterity to pull it off

    • Alichan76

      lol: )

  • Nukie

    Where can I get a thumb like that? And I thought Thing from the Addams Family was cool...

  • aen


  • Cyberdude

    Oh man that was a big letdown!

  • Thechansen

    People are complaining about the controls?? Seriously? It's friggen diablo point and click on the iPhone!! What's to hate here? As a fan of the diablo series consider my interest piqued

    • Jose

      Agreed. Frankly, sometimes TouchArcade just baffles me.

      • Alichan76

        Because all the game play involves (as far as I can tell from the video) is to stick ones fat finger on the screen multiple times. Seriously, I thought we had come further than that since the invention of the opposable thumb...

      • bob

        the controls mean its no more skill or fun than the crappy sniper games, something moves....tap it, gets old fast

      • Sick of the complaining

        If you dont like the controls or the gameplay, noone is forcing it down your throat. What a bunch of whinny little bi***es. It is not like you just wasted your money on it, all you did was waste one and a half minutes watching a video. So shut the f**k up. I think it looks great despite the simple targeting method. Keep it up guys, looking excellent!

        (BTW this message is not to anyone in particular)

      • Sick of Complaining about complaining; )

        post above says "
        "What a bunch of whinny little bi***es" AND "So shut the f**k up."

        Hmm, sounds like you need a course of pills to stop that foul mouth of yours...

  • benjamin

    finaly,a game with graphics bether than a psp.this looks ver good.i'm even willing to pay 30 bucks if it's good enough and has morebthan 20 houres of hardcore gameplay.

    • crishnak

      People should stop saying that they would pay $XX for the game...else a developer will take it serious someday. 😉

      • benjamin

        yes,i know,but for me they may make a game for even more than 30 bucks.if it's really good,then they diserve it.there aren't any real games released yet.(psp worthy games)

  • your personal robot

    I just don't want this tap-the-enemy crap 🙂
    These kind of controls never entertain, get repetitive too quickly and never challenge...doesn't matter, how great it looks.

    • Danillson

      I totally agree!

  • Kintaro360

    Could have been the Resident Evil 4 iPhone but theres too much action involved...

  • diabolus


    I buy it even for 19,99 $ !!!

  • MDMAc

    I wanna suck on dat thumb ah hell yeaaaa

  • QuebecRage

    No control over character = No buy for me. Tap-to-kill is way too repetitive for me

    • crishnak

      I suppose you should watch the video again. You can move your character by tapping on the ground. Maybe not the action game style, but this is an adventure anyway.

  • Victor

    looks like diablo meets resident evil with vampires.

  • Coral

    It looks like a very simple game with nice graphics. For those looking for a huge game with exploring and a story, I don't think this will be it. I really hope I am wrong because it looks like a great engine. iDracula 3D is all it looks like to me.

    • Mr.C

      I'm afraid you're so right :/

  • Noah

    Wow, that looks like a lot of clicking.

  • Rad

    Looks Great can't wait to play it.

  • tadad1

    Takes Whack-A-Mole to a whole new level.

  • Oliath

    Not what I was expecting. Always had it billed as a dual
    thumbstick shooter.
    This looks good too though. Reminds me of the oldschool resident evil games but with much more action.
    Will definitely get it.

  • Anthony

    Hmm count me in with not liking the tap on screen controls..I want to have control over the character have to aim a bit..I know its much like diablo where you tap on the opponent but for some reason it feels much weaker when you do it on the iphone and there is no mouse involved. The game looks great but I won't be owning it.

  • 4Twenty

    meh mabey when its on sale for $1 or if there is a different control option. tap to shoot = LAME

  • Shinto

    I don´t like tap to shoot too but we will see what happens. A demo will help on this one and I was hoping iDracula 3d too

  • iSeptimus

    Looks pretty.... seems dull. But hard to tell of course from such a brief video.

  • stranger

    The finger looks creepy! 😀

  • beetle

    if you don't like tap to shoot games, then don't buy it. The last thing we need is for all games to implement idrakula style targeting system.Let's have some variety.After all not everybody likes idrakula controls.

  • cookiemonster

    looks very cool. this iphone thing just keeps getting better and better. developers really are doing a fantastic job

  • Ujn Hunter

    Sweet! Can't wait till this is $0.99! 🙂

  • JSN

    Yea thats what I thought, just like diablo, with Cinematic View...

    Probably alot like Diablo 1 Combat... Looks good too

    Did they play it on a 3G-S? Its probably still beta.. but who knows how far..

  • Jan

    It is the enjoyment. However, is it a price situation?