30_3Hopefully, you've been able to get the new 3.0 firmware installed and activated on your iPhones or iPod Touches. If you are looking for do something with the new functionality, here are a few new 3.0-updates that were announced today. Besides push notification support, peer-to-peer play, and iPod music support, we're already seeing in-app purchasing add ons.

The actual updates are free for those who own the apps, but a couple introduce in-app purchasing which may require additional money to gain new content.

  • Vans SK8: Pool Service ($2.99) - allows you to select music from your iPod playlists.
  • Leaf Trombone ($0.99) - New Duet mode with peer-to-peer Bluetooth and "Achievement Alerts" using 3.0's push notification service.
  • Enigmo ($2.99) - New in-app purchasing level packs. There are currently two new Level Packs available: Kidโ€™s Pack #1 and Kidโ€™s Pack #2. The new levels in each of these Level Packs have been designed specifically for kids.
  • Flick Fishing ($0.99) - Peer to peer networking support with new game mode (Fish Jack), and inclusion of a new In-App Purchase: "Private Beach Pack" which includes new fishing location, 4 new fish.
  • Topple 2 ($2.99) - playback music from your iPod playlists within Topple 2.
  • Star Defense ($5.99) - A new planet in Challenge Mode, Plus+ network integration (online leaderboards and more) and 3.0 Push Notification support: direct challenges sent to your friends.
  • cir

    Wow it's so awesome that you update this site so fast i bought like 40 apps because you said so. You should make money off this site man.

    Anyway i just bought the 3 other games i didn't have in this list thanks

    • Timothy R

      They do, I think. By the advertisements.

      Thanks for the list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sambo110

    I'm all for in app purchasing, but not if developers stop making free updates. I think they should still give free updates, and only sell a few things, maybe in a TD a level pack that has 4 levels, 3 enemies and 3 new towers. But then update it with one free level for the people who can't afford it.

  • sekazi

    in app purchasing will be the downfall of the ipod touch. Buy a $0.99 game with 90% of the features purposely left out then spend $10 on addons.

    It will be abused and it will destroy the platform.

    • http://starscenesoftware.com Eric5h5

      Heh. Of course it won't "destroy the platform". No doubt some devs will try to abuse it, but they will be quickly ignored in favor of those who don't.

      • Presnter

        I agree. Just vote with your iTunes dollars.

  • http://www.mobstarentertainment.com mek

    so wait, i have to pay to listen to my own music....haha..yeah no...can't you just build your own playlist, then deactive the music in the game, and bring up your music control (double tap the home button)..and it accomplishes the same feat...and its free

    • arn

      no, the music updates are free. you just have to pay when you buy new content (levels)

  • Joe

    MLB 2009 now has streamed baseball games in 3.0. They say 1 or 2 a day, depending on blackouts starting tomorrow!

  • http://appstorereviews.spacequadrat.de FallenAngel

    I love Plus+ Network in Star Defense. Way better than Open Feint!

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    Just curious, what is better? Open Feint 2.0 has every feature and more as far as I know (just released a day ago.) I'm a developer, so I'm researching a bit here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here's the OpenFeint website to compare:

  • http://www.devshack.biz Boris

    PuzzleQuest doesn't work well with OS3.0 ... it's running veeeeery slow, gameplay is nearly impossible. I hope it gets an update, too ๐Ÿ™

  • Alichan76

    I don't mind paying this 59p for 'extra up-dates' whatever the original price of the game, if the game is on the level of these games (I have the last four on the list), but this new fangled 'payed extra content' thing has grey area for me, as an awful lot of games on the app store are being released basically as a 'work in progress'. Take Fieldrunners for example. When it came out, there was no sound and one map with promises of more to come. People bought it (including me), knowing they were to be given free up-dates that included 'more maps and sound'.

    What are the rules now? Can devs get away with charging for stuff that, as in the above scenario, is actually fundemental game material that should be there from day 1, and pop it conveniently under the umbrella of 'extra content'.

    I'd love to know, and honestly, I think most people who frequent the app store regularly but don't visit forums like TA, would also love to know.

    • http://starscenesoftware.com Eric5h5

      Sure, developers could try charging extra for something basic like sound effects, but seriously, who would be insane enough to do that? Yes, there are a couple of insane developers who might, but you must know that nobody would pay for that. They'd just leave lots of 1-star reviews on iTunes and the dev would get a terrible reputation. So I don't know where these paid content fears are coming from. Once you buy a game, you aren't forced to buy all paid content for it too, you know...if you think the extra content is stupid and not worth paying for, then don't. Simple.

      • Alichan76

        Of course all that is right, however I was thinking more 'long-term app store future' really, rather than just my individual app purchases. So I wouldn't describe it as 'fear'. I just would like to know what the rules are. At the moment it seems 'anything goes'. Apple haven't announced anything to the contrary to my knowledge. I feel like they've have left this all very unclear because they don't know how the market will react, and understandably, they want to test the waters. But, I do hope that their lust for money doesn't drive them to allow more and more 'basic' things to be deemed as 'extra content' worthy. They would do well to set their customers minds at rest, and tell them what the perameters are, that's all.


  • Colonel Molerat

    My MacBook died last night (actually, it started dying a month before warranty ran out, I took it to the Apple Store, who denied anything was wrong with it and now, four months later, it won't work at all)...
    I went to download the latest iPhone software from work, as well as updates for my games, but iTunes can't get around my work's proxy server for the 3.0 update. Now I'm stuck with some games that are incompatible, no way to install 3.0, and my computer with all of my iTunes library completely dead (and not backed up for a month or maybe two...)
    I hate Apple, I really do (and I used to be a fanboy).
    Maybe the Apple Store can install 3.0 for me tonight. It's the least they can do considering their business plan involves both humiliating and bankrupting me (MacBook is just latest problem).

  • adz

    Just a question, Are there any rss readers that support push notifications yet?

  • http://chesstris.com/ Martin

    I deleted Enigmo when I saw in-app purchases listed in the update. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • http://www.freeverse.com Hippieman

      Why? You decided you liked the game enough to buy it, but when told you can buy more of the game you deleted it? What sense does that make? Don't want more Enigmo, don't buy more. But why delete it?

      That's like saying "I saw the movie, but when the DVD announced it would have special features I burned the theatre down."

  • http://www.sleekgames.net psionic

    lol I love the response the micropayments are having from the community.

    Seriously.. you're buying a game for like $0.99. Ever remember going to the arcades? You're lucky that the games aren't time-based micropayments lol.. I wonder what kind of 'outrage' that would get ๐Ÿ™‚

  • spiffyone

    I'd love to get a list of games that DON'T work with 3.0.

  • Colonel Molerat

    I bought the update. But I can't use it, because my MacBook bricked. A problem that developed before the warranty ran out in December, but they said didn't exist when I took it in for repairs in February, has now destroyed my MacBook, and I can't afford the six-hundred pounds to repair it.
    So I can't update my iPod, I can't sync the music, and I have to go through the convoluted rout Apple makes you take for ****s and giggles in order to sync any apps.

  • Titan-CC

    I'm not sure how I'll like the in app purchases. As long as the new content is priced comparable to the app, I think it could be ok. I can see it being bad if a $0.99 app with a hundred levels offered a $0.99 content package that added 10 new levels...that's just unfair. As long as the prices are fair I'll be happy...and I'm still looking forward to the features in livefire/killtest/fps from ngmoco.