3.0 Support: Vans SK8, Leaf Trombone, Enigmo, Flick Fishing, Topple 2, Star Defense

30_3Hopefully, you’ve been able to get the new 3.0 firmware installed and activated on your iPhones or iPod Touches. If you are looking for do something with the new functionality, here are a few new 3.0-updates that were announced today. Besides push notification support, peer-to-peer play, and iPod music support, we’re already seeing in-app purchasing add ons.

The actual updates are free for those who own the apps, but a couple introduce in-app purchasing which may require additional money to gain new content.

  • Vans SK8: Pool Service ($2.99) – allows you to select music from your iPod playlists.
  • Leaf Trombone ($0.99) – New Duet mode with peer-to-peer Bluetooth and “Achievement Alerts" using 3.0’s push notification service.
  • Enigmo ($2.99) – New in-app purchasing level packs. There are currently two new Level Packs available: Kid’s Pack #1 and Kid’s Pack #2. The new levels in each of these Level Packs have been designed specifically for kids.
  • Flick Fishing ($0.99) – Peer to peer networking support with new game mode (Fish Jack), and inclusion of a new In-App Purchase: “Private Beach Pack" which includes new fishing location, 4 new fish.
  • Topple 2 ($2.99) – playback music from your iPod playlists within Topple 2.
  • Star Defense ($5.99) – A new planet in Challenge Mode, Plus+ network integration (online leaderboards and more) and 3.0 Push Notification support: direct challenges sent to your friends.