Mobigame’s EDGE Returns to App Store

Mobigame’s award winning game EDGE [App Store] has returned to the U.S. App Store after a questionable trademark dispute. TigSource provides a summary of the events, but comes down to a trademark dispute from an individual named Tim Langdell

But it’s not obvious (to me, anyway) what Tim Langdell has actually created, aside from trouble for the various people who have had the misfortune of dealing with him and his trademark during its 30-odd years of existence. My hope is that, by helping to bring out the story, real creators can avoid him (and others like him) in the future.

Edge puts the player in control of a colorful cube that moves about a series of 3D, isometric maze environments full of puzzles to solve and hazards to avoid. The game utilizes touch control (default) or accelerometer for control of the cube and, as the developer’s gameplay video demonstrates, requires some quick thinking to successfully negotiate the various moving parts of the mazes.

Overall, a game we really enjoyed and we recommend. Meanwhile, David Papazian let us know that EDGE 1.2 is currently in review with 3 huge new levels.

App Store Link: EDGE, $4.99