siberian_strike_titleLast week Touch Arcade visited Gameloft's Manhattan offices to preview a few new titles, one of which was the iPhone version of the mobile top-down airplane shooter Siberian Strike.  Today, the game landed in the App Store and is available for download at a price of $5.99 [link].

When you fly at the speed of sound, you have to think at the speed of light... Discover the fastest-paced shoot'em up with hours of aerial action and fun!

1940s. You are Elliott Freeman and your mission is to track and destroy an evil soviet cyborg that is threatening to invade Europe.

Features as listed by Gameloft:

  • Fast-paced action, intense combat and 4 difficulty levels to keep you constantly challenged
  • Unique gameplay mixing shooting and insane piloting missions that test your dexterity
  • Choice between Accelerometer and Touch controls that let you steer and target enemies like a real pilot
  • Join your friends in frenetic local Wi-Fi Multiplayer to experience a crazy adventure
  • Gigantic boss fights and memorable moments with immersive 3D animations
  • 12 amazing levels to explore across varied environments: Canyons, secret bases, tunnels, and more!


While I only spent a short while with the title at Gameloft, I found the overall flow of the onscreen action to make for a great shooter experience with a real arcade feel.  Siberian Strike impressed me as one of the best shooters I've encountered for the iPhone.

We will be posting a much closer look, with video, shortly.

App Store Link: Siberian Strike, $5.99

  • Blake Patterson

    While waiting for our video of the iPhone game, a video of the (similar) PC version can be seen here:

    • TD

      This games awesome. I'm having a lot of fun with it

  • michael

    guys tiger Woods it's avalible in polish appstore:

    Look this

  • astra

    I used to play a lot and to think it was the perfect game for mobile so i was waiting for it but i m really disapointed here...
    it feels fake, the planes to attack are designed like kids...

    so disapointed but kind of understand now why the game was only 5 bucks instead of 9 like nost of the game by gameloft.
    i know now

  • MrDark

    $5.99 for a shooting game?


    I got my Sky Force Reload for $0.99, iFightLite and Space DEADBEEF for FREE


  • Oggy

    I'm enjoying it so far. It's definitely fast and smoothly animated. It's giving Sky Force Reloaded a run for the money...I'll have to see how far I can get before I make a final judgment.

    • Chad

      Of course it's giving another game a run for its money, it took all of yours! This game is far too high priced for the genre.