276840Game developer ttursas [App Store] recently released a version of their popular Flash game Perfect Balance [App Store, $0.99] for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game seems quite simple: you are given a number of different shapes that need to be stacked on top of a stationary object. Your job is simply to make a perfect balance so no objects fall. The task, of course, is easier said than done as the pieces become more unusual (additional gameplay screenshots)

While the game may bear a resemblance to Ngmoco's Topple series, the actual gameplay is very different. Perfect Balance is fully a puzzle game while Topple is more of an action/puzzle game.

Interested readers can try out the original Flash version of the game which can be played within your browser, or watch this gameplay video of the iPhone version:

We quite enjoyed the overall game though found the piece rotation mechanism a bit awkward (two finger tap). There was also an occasional instance where the physics didn't seem quite right.

Still, at only $0.99 with 80 levels of nicely polished gameplay, we think puzzle gamers will quite enjoy this game.

App Store Link: Perfect Balance: Harmony, $0.99

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  • Masmo

    Got it when it first came out and really like it! Well worth the .99

  • George

    Topple is an action/puzzle game and this looks like a puzzle game... wouldn't go that far to call it a strategy game even if strategy is involved

    strategy gamer

    • arn


  • http://www.nothowitlooks.com Brett Archibald

    Hmmm... could be a very quick game... I just played the online Flash version and have already completed the first 40 levels!

    • http://www.ttursas.com Ville Helin

      Well done, man! Many flash players got stuck on level 2, and most on level 34. Some people are good at this sort of puzzles, but most are not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Anyway, there are over 60 levels in the iPhone version, so the challenge is not 1:1 the same if you play the flash games.

      • http://www.nothowitlooks.com Brett Archibald

        Are the levels in the iPhone game duplicates of those found in the online Flash game?
        Or are they totally new and original?

    • http://www.ttursas.com Ville Helin

      iPhone game contains something like 64 new and original levels, and 16 are taken from the online flash version.

  • Chris

    This game is fun, but I went through all the levels in less than a day. I hope they come out with some new ones. Worth a buck though, definitely.

  • Christy

    Does anyone know what the achievements to be earned are? I have all unlocked except the achievement before the 300 level plays? I'm refering to the iPhone app game.. Plz help! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚