‘Perfect Balance: Harmony’ – A Pleasant $0.99 Puzzle Game

276840Game developer ttursas [App Store] recently released a version of their popular Flash game Perfect Balance [App Store, $0.99] for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game seems quite simple: you are given a number of different shapes that need to be stacked on top of a stationary object. Your job is simply to make a perfect balance so no objects fall. The task, of course, is easier said than done as the pieces become more unusual (additional gameplay screenshots)

While the game may bear a resemblance to Ngmoco’s Topple series, the actual gameplay is very different. Perfect Balance is fully a puzzle game while Topple is more of an action/puzzle game.

Interested readers can try out the original Flash version of the game which can be played within your browser, or watch this gameplay video of the iPhone version:

We quite enjoyed the overall game though found the piece rotation mechanism a bit awkward (two finger tap). There was also an occasional instance where the physics didn’t seem quite right.

Still, at only $0.99 with 80 levels of nicely polished gameplay, we think puzzle gamers will quite enjoy this game.

App Store Link: Perfect Balance: Harmony, $0.99