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Freeverse has provided us with exclusive screenshots from their upcoming game Flick NBA Basketball. This is an officially licensed NBA title with actual players and teams making it the first real NBA title in the App Store.

nba3Not a full-court basketball title, Flick NBA Basketball is basically an iPhone adaptation of the All Star Challenge. The player takes the role of a big name NBA player (in realistic 3D models) and takes on various skill challenges such as the 3-point shootout, Hotshot Arcade, Longshot Challenge, Ball Spin and HORSE.

Features include:

  • You will be able to play as all of the game's hottest stars, including Kobe, LeBron, Shaq, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, Yao Ming and dozens of other NBA All-Stars.
  • Players will compete in several events versus the computer or a friend. Events will be similar to NBA All-Star Weekend, with the 3 Point Shootout, HORSE, and more.
  • 3D player models are so accurate they have details down to their expressions, tattoos and hairstyles.
  • Real 3D ball-physics

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The game is expected to be released during the 2009 NBA Playoffs which start today and run into June.

  • blk04a4

    this looks amazing, the new games coming out impress me everyday with such nice graphix!

  • Nate

    Not a fan of just shooting hoops but might change my mind after reviews.

    Got to say this,
    Dwight the Superman!

  • thebleeptruth

    I'm a hardcore NBA fan, but I'm most likely not buying this game.

    "3D player models are so accurate they have details down to their expressions, tattoos and hairstyles." -funny only one screenshot shows a face. All others only show their backs. And Chris Paul doesn't look anywhere close to the real CP3.

    And c'mon why would it be fun to compete in the 3-point competition using Dwight, Shaq, or Duncan??!

    I'll be looking forward to the video, but so far, I'm not impressed.

  • Phreakuency

    I don't like to keep bashing the iPod's graphics but with such big claims like it having better capabilities than the PSP and Dreamcast, I can't help but laugh when I see these jagged, stick figures that resemble the original PS1 visuals.

  • adbjmb

    The game looks good but come on already. As far as i'm concerned we still won't have a true NBA b-ball game until one comes out with a FULL four quarters of basketball not just all star weekend. I know the developers worked hard on this but in my opinion they went in the wrong direction. We want a real b-ball sim with four full quarters.

  • silverfish

    right - who in their right mind would play shaq in a 3 point contest? not even the man himself! game looks good though.

  • MellowFellow

    Look at their hands!!! What in the hell is going on with those things? Seriously, these graphics are so laughably not realistic.

    • theone1007

      Wow I think all of you guys are laughable. This game has wonderful graphics for a PHONE I repeat these graphics are on a PHONE. Sheesh you guys expect PSP graphics, a console solely committed to playing video games, from a device that wasn't even suppose to be a gaming device in the first place? I think this game looks wonderful and the graphics are beautiful. If anyone thinks this looks horrible, you haven't even bought 1 game in the App Store. No games are of this quality except maybe for Hero of Sparta.

    • SalsaMD

      I agree wrt the hands as shown, but is best to wait for the video before passing judgement.

  • SalsaMD

    #1 It is best to wait to see the video before passing judgement on the graphics.

    #2 The developers have stated that they plan to expand the game in different ways via updates after its release.

  • Adams Immersive

    IIRC, the iPhone's bests the PSP... in SOME specs (higher resolution, main processor speed, mass storage, certain SPECIFIC details of the 3D system, always-available network, accelerometer, multitouch, vibration, etc). The PSP still offers more power in other specs, and will often provide more 3D detail (and a larger screen, and a hardware D-pad without needing an add-on).

    Both "the iPhone is better for gaming" and "the PSP is better for gaming" are true. No sense in getting upset by that if you don't have room in your pocket for both 🙂

  • Davis

    Not to be picky but the playoffs run till June, sorry just trying to get the fact right.

  • joebuddens

    I co-sign. These graphics are wonderful for a PHONE or IPOD. I agree with everything "theone1007" and "Adam Immersive" said. The people that are complaining, go play your playstation and get lost. This site is for Iphone and IPod touch gamers and for a Phone or a IPod which primary use is for calling people and listening to music, these graphic's are AMAZING.

  • Phreakuency

    The graphics are amazing if you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years.

    The reason some people expect more is because both Apple and devs have bragged about how graphically capable the thing is.

    The reason I laugh is because so many iPod/iPhone owners brag about it's capabilities.

    NBA Shootout on the PS1, which came out 12 years ago had better graphics than this.

    • SalsaMD

      uhm, that is either hyperbole, or historical revisionism. The PS1 graphics were not better than these screens.

      IDevice owners can be proud of what their device can do relative to other cell phone//PDAs, and as the device matures and developers spend more time with it, they will continue to see increasingly better graphics. Whether one choses to embrace this reality, or remain oppressively shackled to a strict PSP vs idevice comparison is a matter of personal choice...

      • MellowFellow

        These graphics are WORSE than PS1 graphics..These are on par with N64 and that is being generous. The reason I mock these "realistic graphics" is because these developers make bold claims about their games.

        And I quote "3D player models are so accurate they have details down to their expressions, tattoos and hairstyles"

        When in reality it looks like they have clubs attached to their wrists and I can count the polygons used for the players on 2 hands.

        I love my iPod Touch for what it is. But it is not by any means a real gaming system. It has so many limitations holding it back that its gimmicky at best.

        Which is why all these developers use these great descriptions about their games, when in reality they probably put 10 hours of work into it and are ready to milk you for your cash cause it will be deleted in a week or so.

    • Lahaine


      I'd be more than happy to agree with you if your PS1 can make calls, text sms,
      getting email while surfing the net, and all fits in the palm of your hand.

    • Falkor
  • joebuddens

    Great Answer's Salsa Md and Lahanie. The Iphone graphic's TRUMP'S, SMASHES and Destroy's PS1 graphics. I had the PS1 so im not making stuff up like they are. Those graphic's arent competition to alot of the Iphone game's I've seen in anyway, shape or form.

  • Akira01

    MellowFellow:"But it is not by any means a real gaming system."

    Why ?

    So, Rolando, Edge, Orions, Fastlane, Supercross, Galaxy on fire, Zen bound, Spin, Sim city, Let's golf, Exzeus, Puzzle Quest, Flikr Fishing, Katamari, Equilibrio, 1112, Fieldrunner, Warfare, Tiki Tower, Monkey Ball etc aren't real console game ?

    And Abigale, Crystal defender, Ancient Frog, Motion X poker, Fuzzle, Trace, Dropship, Dr Awesome, Sway, Radio Flare, Geodefense, Idracula, Build a lot aren't real gems ?

    And tomorrow Real Racing, Toki Tori, The Sim's, Need for Speed, Zenonia, Underworlds, Rolando 2, Vampire origins, Touch pets, Live fire, IO, Dexter, Touch KO ?

    There are, by far, more difference between Iphone and the other mobile phone than between Iphone and the PSP or the DS.
    It's just a fact when you see the games arrived only in 10 months...

    • MellowFellow

      Most of the games you named are sloppy ports, throwaways (play for a week and delete) or not even out for you to pass judgment on. Developers for the most part look at the iTouch/Phone as a fast and easy way to make cash by putting shovelware out and then promising features that should belong in the game to begin with in a patch (which usually never comes about)

      I am being adamant about this situation because I am tired of everyone defending this crap. This is not a game...This is a compilation of mini games with a NBA license thrown on because otherwise it would never sell.

      • SalsaMD

        two separate issues:

        1. I think we all agree that this offers less than we have been expecting wrt a full iDevice basketball game. No argument there. Hopefully EA ultimately delivers. Also true that many developers are guilty of exploiting consumers with incomplete products, and never fulfilling promised updates.

        2. On the issue of the graphics that is in dispute, again I think it is best to wait for the video as many a static image has done disservice to in-game graphics.

  • joebuddens

    Why does millions of people loving the new Iphone Gaming Console bother mellowfellow so much?? If I dont like pepsi, I dont drink it regardless of the fact millions do. If he doesnt like Iphone games then he doesnt have to play with them. By whining and crying isnt gonna change our minds. We love Iphone games and all the games Akira01 listed are classic console type games. Most of them better than console games and we LOVE them. Why is mellowman losing sleep over this??..Im gonna change his name from mellowman to crybabyman if he keeps this up.

    • MellowFellow


      Last I checked this is a place where people can share their viewpoints. So maybe instead of resorting to name calling we can have an intelligent discussion.

      I could sink to your level and mock your lame attempt at pretending to be a rap star nobody listens to. Or the fact your so unoriginal that, you couldn't take the time or use those brain cells to come up with something that represents you instead of someones elses moniker.

      But I digress..

      I do indeed like my iPod Touch. It is great for casual gaming on the go. Am I expecting to much by asking for some full featured games? I guess so, cause currently nothing can hold my interest for more than a day or two..

      I guess being a gamer for the past 20 years, my expectations are to high for what is claimed to be a gaming system (iTouch) I have owned every mainstream portable gaming system and I can tell you with honesty that as far as games this is the weakest. Hopefully developers will come through and push some good stuff out in the future.

  • ramon raux

    It's a shame that this isn't a real basketball game, because the graphics are amazing! Oh well, I think I'll give this one a miss.

  • thebleeptruth

    The reason a couple of people including myself are not impressed with the graphics is simply because of how the game advertises it. They brag about the graphics even citing, "3D player models are so accurate they have details down to their expressions, tattoos and hairstyles.", and then you look at the screenshots. Furthermore what I'm more disappointed at with games like this including MLB World Series is that developers seem to force too much out of a device that can't handle or isn't properly suited for it. Let me make it clear that I'm not one of those who truly believe the iPod/iPhone is for gaming and should get top notch games graphic-wise; hence, it's so laughable how people would disagree thinking and claiming that we, the ones complaining, are too demanding on a device. That is SO SO FAR from the truth. I'm a casual gamer, and I sincerely think that sometimes developers are trying too hard to make PSP/DS quality games for the iPod/iPhone. They should mainly focus on the gameplay, the story, replayability, depth, and less on the graphics. Anyway if you guys are into graphics and bragging to PSP/DS owners of how the iPod's/iPhone's graphics are the best, then what the hell, I can't blame you guys for reacting as such.

    • MellowFellow

      Nice post bleep. You put it in better words then I did I think and I agree with what you say. The Touch/Phone can be great gaming systems..but again it falls on the developers producing games made EXPLICITLY for the system..

      FPS on this system is just ridiculous. I look at screen shots for PREY and see so much clutter and crap on the UI that you can't even see what game your playing. This system is great for games like G.I. Joyride, Zombieville, and TD type games..The lack of buttons hurts this device as far as gaming goes. Your fingers are all you will be watching when the games get more complicated requiring more finger touches on the screen.

    • SalsaMD

      I disagree with your core philosophy, for if idevice consumers remain financially complacent with casual games only, then creative software engineering will not be economically inspired to push the hardware to its limits.

      Many games have shown that the idevice is graphically very competent (leaving PSP comparisons aside). It unfortunately has often been the developer's/publisher's choice to bring graphically strong games to the market without incorporating a rich level of gameplay b/c they assume many consumers will buy these games anyway. It is not invariably the case that rich graphics can only be achieved at a sacrifice of gameplay.

  • Drunknbass

    I agree with mellow. The prob is a lot of companies have 3d engines that can pump out "decent" graphics (unity3d) but creating a great game takes much more. It takes a lot of planning, great idea/plot, great art, great music, etc. The difference with real consoles are #1 it is muchhhh harder to even get accepted to dev for them without prior console experience so most of these guys doing console stuff are real pros with 10+ years in the industry. And #2 when you create a xbox/psp/ps3/wii/ds game (not counting wiiware or other online store content) you kind of get 1 shot to do it right. You make a COMPLETE game with no bugs and 100% of the content finished and ready to go. AppStore devs see updates as a way to push out the game to customers in phases as they complete it. I don't particularly like that approuch but it's "monkey see, monkey do" and you get stuck doing stuff you otherwise wouldn't just so you can compete.
    I guess at the end of the day you are paying .99-9.99 for a game so you can't expect much.
    Maybe the day these console quality games start charging $20+ they'll actually get built and treated in the same regard by the developers.

    Ps. Good games can happen. I live tna impact and I am not a wrestling fan. I just like the all around depth and polish that game has. Sure it's 2d, but it's a great 2d game!

  • Akira01

    @MellowFellow:"Most of the games you named are sloppy port"

    Zen bound, Rolando, Spin, Idracula, geodefense, 7 cities, The creeper, Dropship, Fastlane, Fieldrunner, Radio flare ?
    It's a joke ?

    And Edge, Orions, or Galaxy on fire are sloppy port ?
    C'mon...nonsense here...

    "It is great for casual gaming"

    Galaxy on fire is for casual ?
    Fastlane is for casual ?
    Geo Defense is for casual ?
    Orions is for Casual ?


    Hopefully developers will come through and push some good stuff out in the future.

    What game for what future?
    If it's a PSP game (like Katamari or Puzzle quest), you will say : sloppy port...
    If it's DS game you will say the same thing...
    If it's an Iphone game, EVEN as good or genius as Zen bound you will say : casual (Zen bound is an indie game before being a casual game)
    If it's an Iphone game and not a casual game at all, you will see nothing: this game don't exists for you, even if it's already wrong...

    10 months, and the same BS that after 2 weeks of Appstore..
    After, Rolando, after, Orions, after GOF, after Fastlane...after all the announcements (Toki tori, Dexter, etc...)
    Non sense...

    There isn't even ONE game for you that is better than "play for a week and delete" ?
    Even Edge ?
    Even Fastlane ?
    Even Orions ?
    Even Rolando ?
    Even Puzzle Quest ?

    And you say you are a gamer for 20 year ?
    Non sense

    PS: I have PSP, DS, Gamegear....and the Iphone or Ipod touch IS a console game for me, with indie oriented game, fresh game, good game, casual game, deeper game

    • MellowFellow

      Dude, if you enjoy playing flash games ported to the iPhone/Touch your entitled to pay for them and play them. You keep repeating the same 5-6 games over and over like a TV advertisement. I know why though...THATS ALL THERE IS.

      Honestly do you still play Rolando? Orions? I don't play Orions anymore..wanna know why? Cause its buggy and crashes and they haven't came through with the promised expansion pack cards.

      Keep spitting out names of games though..Cause your missing the point entirely. It's not about how many games or what games you like...It's about the QUALITY of the games.

      I am talking full-featured games that have longevity and keep you coming back for more. These games are few and far between.

      Puzzle Quest is a quality port? Katamari is a quality port? Maybe after 2-3 patches each. And I'll tell you right now, PQ is a horrible port. The gems are so damn tiny I get illegal moves by accident so often its not worth playing.

  • joebuddens

    My orion's has never crashed nor was it buggy at all. The QUALITY is outstanding. Now MellowFraud is resorting to lying to get his non-existent ASININE point across. I've never seen someone type so much yet say so little. It's laughable. Everytime he repeat's himself he sound's more clueless than the previous time. Why are you guys still humoring this clown??..It's clear he hasnt done anything for 20 year's and wouldn't know a good game if he hit him across the face. He sound's like a 12 year old trying to get real Iphone gamer's attention. In that area his childish Mission was accomplished because we actually wasted more than 5 minute's of our time responding to this dum-dum. I hope his parent's get some parental control's on the family pc so the idiot doesn't access this site anymore.

    • MellowFellow

      Wow just wow.

      You say I say so much and yet say so little. But every time I read your post all you do is insult me...You are a rather large hypocrite. And just because YOUR Orions does not crash doesn't mean anything whatsoever. Bubbens I'm tired of wasting my time on you so for now I will just ignore you from here and save my time and yours, k?

      And Akira...Its almost like you two work for Apple. The venom you spit trying to support the device WE BOTH OWN is ridiculous. what do you mean "You lie here…" How in the world could you possibly know what Orions does on my iDevice? I played the campaign for hours building my empire. It got so damn huge that when I went to load my game it would crash immediatley.

      But this is all lie right? Cause I am really a Microsoft representative trying to bad mouth the iDevice, right? Let it go fellas.

  • Akira01

    MellowFellow:" I don't play Orions anymore..wanna know why? Cause its buggy and crashes and they haven't came through with the promised expansion pack cards."

    What ?
    You lie here...

    "It's about the QUALITY of the games."

    I give you the names of 30 good or excellent games.
    In ten months...
    Do you remember te first ten month of the PSP ?

    "I am talking full-featured games that have longevity and keep you coming back for more."

    These games exists and you know it, but you doesn't want to accept that.
    If i understand you, all the PSP or DS games are incredible and have good longevity. Make me laugh...

    • MellowFellow

      Hey Akira,

      I am curious why you don't address the other people's posts who share the same feelings I do. Instead you and Bubbens decide to both gang up and call me a liar. Are you guys the developers or just huge fan boys who can't take a little criticism about a game we are supposedly discussing here.

  • thebleeptruth

    Wow, I didn't know how this discussion here has gone so deep. However, flaming should not be welcomed in this site. State your opinions properly. Anyway I'd have to agree with MellowFellow. Imagine if the big dog developers worked on Zombieville, using specifically the same graphics. There would have probably made it more addictive with more modes/maps, and a progressive story. How about iDracula with a story and a larger map. Or maybe Baseball Superstars with more animation, character faces, and stat keeping. If you notice, all games I've mentioned are high quality games that need not have 3D graphics, but are well-polished graphically, and would have been much much better games with more depth, had the big time developers worked on it. Someone earlier mentioned that he enjoyed TNA even though he wasn't a wrestling fan. I'll be honest with you guys, I was actually considering buying it despite not having watched WWE for the longest time and not knowing much about TNA. And it's for the same reason as he had: The gameplay looked great. I thought it was wise for them not to force a typical 3D wrestling game, and focus on the depth. For the past couple of months, I have been waiting for the big time developers to come out with the game with depth and longevity and so far the majority that have been released are games that try to boast of having the best graphics on the iDevice, but failed to meet expectations on gameplay. To make my argument short, developers need to realize that games on the iDevice need not be 3D. We are not looking for games that we can brag graphic-wise or that we can be proud of of having PS-like graphics. We're looking for games with longevity and addictive gameplay.

    And in case you guys are curious. I just want to say that since the launch of the App Store, I haven't had a game yet that I could say got me really hooked and played almost everyday. Two have come close: Geodefense and Baseball Superstars.

  • Constable Odo

    After all, these games run on a portable system. Even if you can pump out the frames at a higher rate, it's going to be at the expense of battery life. Maybe for the Touch it's OK, but games should be pretty much a secondary thing on a handset you're using to make TELEPHONE calls on. I'm basically more interested in game play than billions of pixels. I probably wouldn't care if the graphics were the level of the PS1. So what if there isn't a lot of detail. As long as the opponents are tough and the gameplay is challenging and addictive, so what. The device fits in my pocket while holding a crapload of other games and what's so bad about that. If most of the developers and users are satisfied with the graphics then that's good enough. The iPhone/iPod Touch platform won't be set in stone. Maybe the next iPhone/iPod Touch will pump out more pixels and have higher framerates. I still wouldn't be happy to have shortened battery life if that's what it takes.

    But the iPhone should never be considered a primary game machine because it does so many other things that are far more important than playing games. Unless the PSP runs Skype, it can't make telephone calls or unless there is some attachment, the PSP can't take photos. And for a fact, I know the PSP internet browsing experience is terrible. The iPod Touch as it is should not be compared to the PSP or DSi. They were designed with different purposes in mind.

    I'll bet 90% of the users of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform are relatively satisfied with what they're getting. Less than a year ago they had no apps or games and Apple didn't even allow interaction between developers which slowed some progress. I'd say for the first year, what Apple has done with it's SDK is very impressive. But I'm sure the App Store and device sales tells that much.

  • Foppajoe

    I agree. No idevice games have gotten me hooked. Geodefense and Eliss are probably the only ones that came close. I agree, also, that big time developers need to make some of iphone games. EA, namco, etc...... just use their copyrights so they can "be the only one" and make you buy their monopoly or tetris game. The app store has become a gold mine and too many devs are focused on making good graphics so people like the screenshots and buy it rather than good gameplay and original concept. I also agree, Edge got me hooked for awhile, and so did other games you listed above. The only good "big time" developer is probably gameloft. Brothers in Arms, Hero of Sparta, Real Soccer 09. Those games are very very VERY near perfect. Gameloft delivers good graphics and gameplay. Other devs need to follow in the footsteps of gameloft (all gameloft needs is a hockey game and a fps game) because gameloft can't do it all by themselves. Ok, that might have been too fanboy-ish of gameloft, but you get the point.