freeballin_03Those who weren't quite sure what to make of IUGO's quirky Freeballin' pinball game can now try one of the tables for free with Freeballin' Lite [App Store].

The free version of the game offers the Monsteropolis table in Time Attack mode in which you try to reach one million points in the fastest time.

The full version of the game offers 4 different tables with 3 different gameplay modes and remains available for its $1.99 introductory price [App Store].

IUGO has also told us that they will be releasing a new version with a fifth level called Toy Ballin' which will include elements from all Toy Bot Diaries game episodes:


The new level pack is due for submission the week after next. Toy Bot Diaries was a popular puzzle platform game for the iPhone also created by IUGO.

This new gameplay video was provided by IUGO:

App Store Links: Freeballin' Lite, Free, Freeballin', $1.99

  • Skamando

    The video was interesting. I have Freeballin', and there were a few environments I didn't recogniz. Strange.

  • hyk

    That means u haven't found them yet! Try to beat the adventure mode.

  • ldkaplan

    Does 'new level' mean update or an additional purchase?

  • IUGO

    This will be a free update, no additional purchase! The $1.99 (US) price point won't last forever get it while you can at such a great value!