X-Plane developers Laminar Research have released an interesting new flight simulator app into the App Store. Called Sully's Flight [App Store], the simulator takes you through the actual flight and crash landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on January 15th, 2009. That flight was disabled shortly after takeoff by a mid-air bird collision which resulted in both engines failing. Captain Chesley Sullenberger successfully crash landed the plane into the Hudson River with no loss of lives. He has widely been considered a hero for this feat.

Sully's Flight places you in the cockpit of that exact flight and challenges you to successfully land the same plane under the same conditions.

Based on the popular flight-sim X-Plane, 'Sully's Flight' starts you on runway 4 at LaGuardia in an Airbus A-320, at similar time, weather, and weight conditions to that fateful flight. YOU will fly the plane yourself, following hoops plotted in the sky showing Captain Sullenberger's approximate ACTUAL flight-path...

X-Plane is a popular physics-based flight simulator for many platforms including the iPhone. This single-scenario simulation is available for $0.99.

App Store Link: Sully's Flight, $0.99

Thanks Brendonian

  • mike

    Hey! Awesome idea... But why isn't it $9.99!? Don't the x-plane devs deserve to get paid for their work!!!??

    I'm funny right?

    seriously, this is wicked, and I wish the other add-ons were $0.99.

  • dean

    i just may get this. although im starting to get annoyed with austin. his apps are expensive and i rarely play them now although i have all the xplanes.

  • matt

    "approximate ACTUAL flight-path"


  • guest

    Jup, i really like X-Plane but something like this sould really be donationware...

    for some kind of fund helping peope who weren´t as lucky....

    this really leaves me with a bad feeling about somebody making money out of the succsess of others...

  • mat


    i thought about something like a donation, too.

    he should make a donation out of it, for planecrash victims or whatever. after making so much money maybe it's time to give some money to people who deserve it?..

  • saywhat

    (mat and guest)Gee, or maybe if he doesn't deserve to make any more money he should just stop developing software?

    How do you know he isn't making donations after receiving the money? Perhaps he's already given more money to victims of other incidents than the all of you guys combined, but doesn't say it because it would be shameful self-promotion?

    He (and others, of course) did the work, he can distribute it as he pleases (of course, as long as he follows the Apple App Store guidelines 😉 ).

    Sorry for the rant, but if you think he charges too much (Dean)... try to make a living as an independent developer yourself for a while. You know, having to pay for your own healthcare coverage, having to pay a lot more in taxes than someone who isn't "self-employed", even though you make the same amount of money to begin with...

    If XPlane wasn't a niche app (your average teenager with an iPhone isn't going to buy it), maybe he could drop the price of it to $0.99... but when you are making a painfully difficult to code app for a limited audience, it's natural to expect that the audience, with very few good options available due to the complexity of the software and the small market size, will pay more for it than, say, an IM app that will have 20x the number of downloads. If I'm wrong, and it isn't that hard, and the market is larger than I say it is... then fine, I'm sure some other developers will pick up on it and offer an alternative at a much lower price... and then the competition will cause the price of X-Plane to come down in order to stay competitive.

    Bottom line, if it's too much, don't buy it. Feel free to write your own simulator, nobody's stopping you, the dev tools are free.

  • sredlums

    couldn't agree more.

  • kysr

    @saywhat: very well said!

  • Adams Immersive

    Sredlums is the only one making sense in this thread.

    (Does that make sense?)

    Anyway, it's not for me, but .99 seems fair enough.

  • Alan

    Did Sullenburger write the code for this game? Should he get paid for it? NO

    Going by this logic news channels should donate to him from the money they make of the adverts they were running during their live coverage of it.... welcome to the real world, people make money from other people and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Sullenburger could always make a website about his story and put an affiliate link to the app store if he wanted to make money off this game anyway..

  • rich_952000

    @ everyone, has anyone got anything to add about actual gameplay? I've checked here and in the thread for this throughout the day, and not one post about how this game PLAYS. I'm curious if this offers anything more than; take off, hit fowl, crash land. Can you fly around or are you limited simply to the preset travel path. Cmon?

  • Brendonian

    You didn't read my posts in the forum thread?

    You don't have to follow the the flight path. You have 4 options for where to take off. You can also choose to begin on a final approach to a runway to practice landing. You can fly freely for a short time/distance before you will encounter a bird strike, losing both engines. It's then up to you to attempt a safe landing, ditch it in the water, or just do a spectacular nosedive into the city. Basically, it's a fully featured flight sim with a sort of a time limit.

  • guest

    Did Austin ask Sully if he is granting him the copy right of this masterpice of piloting an aircraft. Did he grant him the right to use his acomblishments to market a product... i realy don´t think so.....

    He did the flight engine for X-Plane anyway and sold it serveral times now for a reasonable price... using sullenbergers name to promote x-plane is cheap behaving it`s ok if you have been granted the right to do so... and it even ok if you officially donate the bugs earned....

    of simple give away as a free trial as anybody else would do....

  • Tony

    how come when i play the game, the window always cracks and the throttle trigger goes down by itself?