Ok, so based on the latest video and developer notes, we are now officially looking forward to FDG's Bobby Carrot Forever game for the iPhone. Bobby Carrot is a puzzle game that we've mentioned a couple of times before on Touch Arcade. The game appears to be similar to Chips Challenge / Loopy Laboratory in which obstacles (switches, keys, breakaway floors) must be overcome on each level to progress.

The new trailer, however, shows that the game seems to include an incredibly wide variety of obstacles:


The developer has revealed that the game will provide over 15 hours of gameplay and is expected to be available in January for $7.99.

Each of the 60 levels is promised to deliver "a whole new challenge and look" with more difficult levels possibly taking as long as 30-60 minutes to solve.

  • Spindler

    Actually looks interesting 🙂

  • CrocStock

    Looks ok but its too childish for my liking.

  • spiffyone

    Looks like fun. Hopefully looks aren't deceiving.

  • JR

    I've been waiting fir this game forever and they keep pushing back the release date. Hurry Bobby!

  • Ahiru

    looks fun.

    btw, you've written "Labortory" in the article

  • eric

    another puzzle game *yawn*

  • tvzoid

    Nice. Reminde me some supernes games. But really the main character says nothing to me. Sorry, that bunny got no charme.

  • http://ihavehiddenyourkeys.com Michael

    No thanks.

  • Phillip

    I really wish devs would try a little bit harder.

  • ArtOfWarfare

    Gameplay looks good but the media screams "CARE BEARS!" way too loudly. Frankly, I'd be too embarrassed to have anything that looks like that on my iPod. Super Monkey Balls was one thing but this is just too much.

  • http://chips.challenge.com moof

    Anyone who ever used to play NES should remember the Lolo's Adventure series and even a bit more obscure on the Atari Lynx (old portable system that rivaled gamegear) should remember Chip's Challenge. Both of those games look to be heavy inspiration for this one.

  • spoontangy

    It's now official, TouchArcade is not a good judge of upcoming titles.

  • Chris

    Excellent! Can´t wait!

  • riverlake

    the best puzzle game is coming...can't wait!