IUGO mobile has released the final episode in their three-part series Toy Bot Diaries [App Store, $3.99].

The third and last entry of the epic Toy Bot series offers a crescendo of challenges, superb levels and an exciting conclusion to this iPhone classic

Fans of the original Toy Bot Diaries [App Store] and Toy Bot Diaries 2 [App Store] will certainly want to pick up the third in the series.

The game is a puzzle platformer which continues the ongoing adventures of a Toy Bot trying to regain its memories. The main character comes equipped with a magnetic grappling hook and magnetic boots to get past all the obstacles. The new version takes you into space with new levels and challenges. The game starts off in space in a weightless environment which can add a new dimension to the gameplay.

If you haven't tried the Toy Bot Diaries series, we highly recommend it. The game is very well designed and makes good use of the iPhone as a game controller. It remains one of the best examples of what we've described as a "true" iPhone game. A free demo version of the game is also available [App Store, Free].

App Store Link: Toy Bot Diaries 3, $3.99.

  • WiseWeasel

    Great, now they need to find a way to combine all three releases into a single app, so I can reclaim my precious screen real estate. I'm all for episodic content, but it would be much better if it was a paid update to a currently installed app rather than a separate one.

    I think developers might be barking up the wrong tree waiting for Apple to add support for demos, and episodes and promo copies, etc., etc. Instead, why not distribute a free demo through the app store, with the ability to buy and download additional content in-app. Warfare Inc. downloads additional content, so all that's missing is a payment system, maybe using serial numbers to facilitate promo copies and customer support through hardware upgrades. If developers want to avoid having to deal with payments, THAT'S the function they should be demanding from Apple, the ability to include iTunes payment buttons within the app itself, so Apple gets their 30%, and the dev gets no hassle.

  • Steve

    i'll wait till it drops to 0.99

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  • RedSt★R

    I agree there's a lot of tie-in payed update instalments they can do to condense sizes to sequaled apps.

    Give it time it's only been less then six whole months but I'm sure we will see these options/sales

    There was like 4 Street Fighters before an abtholagy was available featuring all four