The holidays are upon us!  'Tis the season to be jolly (and so on and so forth).  In celebration of this, a number of developers have released holiday toys and games--more of the former than the latter, actually--through the iTunes App Store.

One such holiday game is Doso Digital Passion's Elf Run [App Store].

It seems that Santa has overloaded his sleigh and as he flies high above the villages of the world, presents rain down like so many snowflakes.  It's up to one of Santa's little elves to run through the streets of these villages collecting dropped presents and tossing them into the appropriately colored windows.  It's not the deepest level of arcade action we're talking about here, but it's a cute little holiday game nonetheless.

Have a look at the developer's demo video.

App Store Link: Elf Run, $2.99

And here are a few other holiday games that might get you in the spirit:

  • Christmas With Weezer from Tapulous [ $4.99, link ]
  • Christmas Neon from SG Game [ $2.99, link ]
  • Tanagram Puzzle Pro: Holiday Edition from Embassy Interactive [ Free, link ]
  • Mini Touch Golf Holiday Edition from Try This Networks [ $1.99, link ]
  • Night Divine from Randy Edmonds [ $0.99, link ]
  • Santa from Avellana Software [ $0.99, link ]
  • Jumble! Xmas from Guy Moss [ $0.99, link ]
  • MarkEightThree

    Looks pretty good! I still haven't decided if I'll pick a few of these up for some holiday fun or just wait until 2009 so I can pick them all up for less than half price...

  • Nagromme

    I'm not into holiday-specific games and won't get this one, but I'll give credit where due: it doesn't look like just a throwaway holiday concept. First-person puzzler?

  • Blake Patterson

    The game is more cute than anything. It's super simple, but it appeals to me. Maybe it's because I'm on my way out to grab our Christmas tree this evening. Who knows... 🙂

  • Mike

    I'd say this is one of the most polished games on the App Store. The developers obviously put a lot of time into it.

  • Mike

    That said, the controls seem a bit unresponsive at times. (And the home screen icon doesn't have a glossy border, which is unimportant but odd.)

    Here's hoping for an update of some sort...

  • MacTheSpoon

    That really is very charming, very cute. And I think it's got some creative gameplay, too.

  • Matthias Gall

    We've just submitted a new version of ELFrun. It contains several rendered cut-scenes, multi-user support, volume control for sound and music, bugfixes and much more. Since it's version 1.5 for us, we will drop the price to $0.99 for 1.5 days.