A First Look at ‘Hero of Sparta’: Gameplay Video

As we posted earlier today, Gameloft’s highly anticipated Hero of Sparta [$9.99, App Store] hit the App Store this morning.

While you can expect a full review of this title soon, we thought readers would appreciate a look at actual in-game play footage as soon as possible in order to see exactly what they can expect from the game.  This eight minute video was captured from an iPhone 3G and shows a number of fairly varied chunks of the game world as presented in the first portions of the game (a half-hour of play).

While a full review is on the way, right now I will say that we love what we’ve seen so far.  As the video clearly illustrates, Hero of Sparta is one of the best looking iPhone games out there.  Does it give God of War a run for it’s money? Stay tuned for a closer look.