Gameloft’s ‘Hero of Sparta’ Released to App Store

Gameloft’s Hero of Sparta [App Store] was released to the App Store this morning. The much anticipated game lists the following features:

  • iPhone-specific controls: move your hero with the virtual analogue stick and unleash his power by performing touch screen combos.
  • Total 360° experience: move and fight freely in 3D through the 8 levels and their majestic environments.
  • Face legions of enemies and the most phenomenal mythical creatures: Cerberus, the Cyclops and other foes worthy of your strength!
  • 5 weapons to upgrade and fabulous items to collect. Draw your faithful sword, axe, bow, or twin blades!

Gameloft had previously posted this in game trailer:

App Store Link: Hero of Sparta, $9.99