Last week, Daybreak Interactive released their first iPhone game called Paradox 3000 [App Store].

The company describes themselves as experienced game developers dedicated to creating both apps and games "that rock your socks off". And their first entry appears to be a great effort.

At its core, the game is a variant of Pipe Dreams in which your job is to create connections between pieces so that "water" can flow from one to the next. Paradox 3000 is a futuristic take on this basic formula and tweaks the gameplay a bit.

The goal is to get the energy source (top left piece) connected throughout the board. The game is wrapped in a sci-fi premise that you are a United Space Federation Pilot (in the year 3000) that uses this game as a training exercise. The game has a variety of pieces that you can rotate by tapping on them. By changing the orientation, you can connect the pieces together to get energy flowing across the board. Unlike traditional Pipe Dreams games, there is no real "flow" of water/energy that you need to keep ahead of. Instead they offer two different types of gameplay: "Puzzle" and "Arcade".

Puzzle mode allows you to choose "Easy", "Normal", and "Hard" difficulty levels and solve different boards sequentially. Specific boards can be played again or passed to your friends by simply typing in the board's "code" which is listed as a number. Puzzle boards are not timed and you can simply make your through various boards (3000 in all) at your leisure.

Meanwhile, Arcade mode offers a fast paced variant which requires you to solve the board within a certain amount of time. If you can't solve it before time runs out, a new board appears. If time runs out on you three times, the game is over. I found Arcade mode to be very challenging but it kept me coming back.

Overall, a very well polished game, with plenty of gameplay value and great music/sound effects. This gameplay video shows both puzzle and arcade modes:

Game Details
Name: Paradox 3000 (v1.0) Price: $2.99 [Buy]
Developer: Daybreak Interactive Size: 14.2 MB
Paradox 3000 is a high quality variant of Pipe Dreams in which you rotate individual pieces to connect the entire board together. 3000 levels, great sound/music, and Arcade mode provide a lot of value for this highly polished game.

TouchArcade Rating

  • NotYou

    I was hoping someone would review this game. I couldn't tell from the screenshots if it was any good. It looks a lot better in the video than I thought it would. I really like the concept.

    I think I'm going to get it now.

  • Tunawrap


  • Oliver

    I also did not know what this game is. It looked interesting, but I just couldn't figure it out. In the video it looks great and I put it on my shopping list.

  • Underoos

    Bioshock killed all my love for pipe puzzle games.

  • NotYou

    This really is a great game. I've been wanting something like this. I was eyeballing Loops of Zen, but I'm glad I got this first. 3000 puzzles definitely keeps it interesting.

    There isn't a whole lot of variety in the game, but the price is more than fair.

  • Laurie Cheers

    Hi, just wanted to mention that Paradox now has a free version available, Paradox Lite.

  • Oliver

    I bought it a couple of days ago. While the game itself seems to be one of the pipe games (besides gold rush where you direct a train) it has some limitations:
    No local highscore
    No global highscore
    Resume does not work most of the time, so that you loose progress of the current puzzle

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