Marware is offering a gaming accessory called the Game Grip for the iPhone and iPod Touch aimed at accelerometer based games. The silicone sleeves provides hand grips on either side of the iPhone.

  • Unique cord management system provides the ultimate versatility
  • Can be used with headphones/ear buds
  • Can be charged while playing
  • Silicone sleeves can be used as stand alone protection when not gaming
  • Provides convenient, radically comfortable access to full face of touch or iPhone
  • Enjoy hours of extreme game play

It also supports an optional, removable battery pack solution from Marware to provide you with extra power while gaming. The Game Grip is priced at $49.99 and is available for pre-order.

[ via iPhoneAtlas ]

  • Keef

    What game is that??? Or is it just a picture??

  • mek

    i almost wanted to say that was x-plane
    but upon a second look...i think its just a photoshopped picture

    i wonder how long the battery pack lasts
    and by "removable battery pack solution" is that lithium ion, double A,
    there are a lot of unanswered questions

  • Nagromme

    That's a pretty good idea--my hands do cramp from holding the phone for a long time in one position, which means when gaming mostly--but I'd find it useful for any app. I might not bother taking something so big on the go, but I'd use it at home. It would even provide nice handles for vertical usage. The key to comfort is having multiple ways to change your hand position.

    The battery is nice too. What's not nice is that I don't personally like sleeves. Still a cool idea.

  • Barry Ward (aka wastedyuthe)

    What a load of old tosh! The only thing of worth here, as far as I can see, is the optional battery pack, but at $50+what ever the battery pack price would be, it's something I wouldn't look twice at.

  • mek

    after looking at it some more

    totally turned off from it
    mostly because of the innards picture, showing how you rap your charger in the sleeve

    the audio port looks weird, how does it respond to embeded audio jacks, cause the touch and the iphone and each generation is i sense compatibility issues there

    so you're paying fifty bucks for two silicon sleeves
    and the battery pack probably costs 100+

  • fluffy

    That looks unwieldy and ridiculous.

  • Silverfist

    The optional battery pack would be the ONLY reason I'd get this, and even then it's not even close to being a good enough reason... I don't wany my iPhone to look like it needs to be milked. Ugh.


  • Crunc

    Truly one of the most ridiculous products I've ever seen. Do they really think this will sell?

  • NotYou

    You'd think they'd use a real game in their ad picture.

    I think that's a photoshopped Google Earth picture.

  • Raphael Salgado

    $50 plus an OPTIONAL battery pack? Seriously overpriced already.

    I'd accept it if it was a $15 accessory and a $30 optional battery.

  • wiiman

    That thing is ugly and huge. Normally I don't comment but I have to on that. Very fugly

  • Everydaynormalguy

    wow! that looks really cool. i can't wait to buy it. 50 bucks, are u kidding me? i'd pay at least twice as much for something that looks as cool as this!

  • George

    i'll wait for a comparison of the marware versus this thing:

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  • Joel

    Come on guys. This is a nice add-on for those interested on iphone gaming. In the other hand, $50 is too much for what it offers.

  • whooley

    @wiiman: isn't that the point? It's meant to be big so that it's easier to grip. If it were smaller, it would be useless.

  • dieburnbot

    This looks great, but 49.99?! Are they serious? Its some rubber and plastic. Hopefully this will lead to other companies creating cheaper/better versions.

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