PerBlue has launched Parallel Kingdom [App Store] this morning for free. Parallel Kingdom is a location-based role playing game that we've previously discussed. The game is a unique in that it uses your geographic location as the game's landscape:

Parallel Kingdom is a role playing game that uses GPS (or WiFi locate) to overlay the virtual world on top of the real world. In the Age of Exploration, there will be items, creatures, and other players in the world to use and fight with. Enjoy unique creature personalities, items to upgrade, players to chat and team with, and a global player ranking list to see how you compare to your friends.

The first version of the app is being distributed for free.

App Store Link: Parallel Kingdom, Free

  • MikeT

    I tried it out and unfortunately this is sort of half baked. My location is completely off and there's pretty little to do in the game. Little help and the graphics don't really make it that much better. I'd have to say this is an alpha version at best.

  • da

    I can't sign up: when I click on the "Create Account" tab, enter in all the info, and then press "Go", the software hangs, and doesn't appear to be doing anything...

  • Jon

    I'm having the same issue with signing up. Are we doing something wrong?

  • keithmcmason

    Hey, what about Europe?! We have streets, too!!! (Not available in the German AppStore) But, it seems like the game is not throught out yet, so I rather wait for an update anyways!

  • da

    When I picked a shorter password, it allowed me to sign up. However now, anytime I try to do something that needs to use the network (attack, upgrade, etc.), i get an error:


    I really want to see this game work. As for the 1st poster, I'd imagine that (as an early adopter) you're going to have to wait for the penetration curve to catch up with you to make the game more interesting. But, once more people join, I'd imagine (and I hope) ther'll be plenty for you to do!

  • kudu

    Yes. This game is alpha at best. Very bad. Can't even log on anymore. Not sure why they bothered. Here's hoping Dark Reality gets it right!

  • Steve

    can't get it in Canada damn

  • Jeff Smith

    Utter and sheer crap. It's craptacular, it's craptastic, learn from this devs! Just cause it's really cool to release something on Halloween doesn't mean it's a good idea. (Otherwise known as the Hellgate:London lesson)

  • Shaun

    I have no problems at all. I haven't seen any actual people yet, but its bound to be amazing when more people hop on!

    Perfectly found my location, no problems at all 🙂

  • Nagromme

    I went ahead and got it for free, just in case it turns into something cool after they start to charge!

    But so far no luck. I saw an enemy castle on my street, went and found it (looked just like a house in reality, NOT a castle at all). I looted and burned it, got out my phone to check my score, and had zero. Two hours later, my successful raid is still not credited. I'll try another one once the police clear out. There's another castle a block over (again, poor graphics: in person it looks more like a laundromat).

  • NotYou


    There should plenty to loot there. I think you could manage a one person raid at a laundry mat.

    Apparently the elementary school next door to me is infested with monsters. I might have to move.

  • Diggity Dan

    I got it too.. Don't like it too much. Ever since I got it bad stuff has happened to me 🙁 Some ass just stole all my stuff and burned down my house!! Then to top it off he followed me to the local Laundromat.... I'm going to call the cops again!!

  • Diggity Dan

    *laundry mat

    ...ha couldn't resist.

  • Travis

    I can't get signed up! Nothing happens when I register. WTF!

  • Travis

    update to my previous post-all is working now, they updated the servers. If you were having account creation/login issues try again

  • mek

    why would i want to build a castle where my actual house is, so some kid can come snooping around trying to loot my castle and i accidently shoot him and or her for tresspassing...i wonder how that would hold up in did lure them onto your property, but you did shoot them

  • meridianapp

    Pulled from canadian store

  • Tunawrap

    holy shit theres random people in my yard!

  • Pipelynx

    Too bad, not available in austria. But what the heck, seems like it's crap anyways, maybe they are experiencing the twitter syndrom? Well, maybe someday the world will be the world and we non-USA people will take part in it too >_> Until then, I'm looking forward to it ^_^

  • Noah

    I downloaded it. Created a login fine. Ive been running around killing monsters with my L8 Axe. I even killed two players today!

    You can DOUBLE CLICK to move around the map screen of the area you're in. And sometimes, if you move around inbetween trees you can GAIN HP back.

    Make sure to pick up any BERRIES you find, as they restore your health to full.

    If you DIE, you can go back to the place you died and pick up any gear you left laying around.

    I think there should be some quests, and maybe some initial instructions on what to do, as it took quite a while to figure out double tapping the screen moved me around.

    Remember, the GPS location is just your GENERAL AREA, not exactly where you are. 🙂

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  • Thann

    I'd love to try this, but it is still not available from the Australian Store

  • casey

    There were some monsters on the tarmac at the airport .... they were blocking taxiways and there was even a TREE blocking the runway!!! I was going to help the TSA rid the area of evil monsters, but with the possibility of facing jail time by blowing security doors and running around the tarmac, I decided not to.

  • rockinater

    guys this game IS interesting... i mean i dont know what to think of it

  • Eric

    Seems pretty cool

  • mike

    how do u build stuff

  • Ryan

    When i sign up it says temporary problem please try again and it keeps coming on again.