Illusionlabs has posted a second trailer video for their upcoming skateboarding game called Touchgrind.

The game takes advantage of the iPhone's multi-touch screen by allowing you to use your fingers to "ride" the skateboard:

The player rides freely in a skatepark and performs tricks on ramps, boxes and rails. The dynamic and innovative controls together with the game being built on a high quality physics engine gives the players a high degree of freedom to come up with their own tricks.

There had been some concern about the depth of the game based on the initial preview video, but the new trailer shows significant more variability in gameplay:

  • mek

    what this video doesn't show is the users fingers actually blocking most of the screen...because it was run in the simulator

    but excluding does look good
    i may pick it up depending on the price and reviews

    can you change the logo on the top of the board, the companies logo, to something else?

  • arn

    the 3d views were interesting, and it wasn't clear that those were actually playable screens or something like cut shots or replays

  • mek

    i know those icons come up, and act as navigation, but i wonder if there is a map of some sort, or an transparent overlay so you could have some sense of what is infront of you...

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  • Twatty

    It doesn't look fun going around and looking at 2 sqr ft of 'ground' around your fingers. The experience of skateboarding is not looking down at your feet the whole time.

    Interesting idea, but seriously flawed.

  • boardopboy

    What's the point?

    I mean, are there competitions?

    Are you skating for high scores?

    Or is it just for fun?

    I dunno that I get it?

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  • Brandon

    I'm interested in this game, but want a better trailer. Will there be challenges? Alternate camera angles?

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  • Noah

    I hope theres a zoomed out view. Looking at the skateboard up close hurts my eyes.

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  • Kevin

    Wow! So many complaints here in the comments section...
    I thought it was awesome. I can't wait to get it! How much will it be?

  • rvr

    i was wondering about the small viewable area too. a map might be cool if there's space for it. the thing is, you don't have to react to the 3d space, really. so even though you don't know there's a transition coming up, you don't have to adjust for it, so it should be a big deal. and it looks like the speed is low enough that you can react to things on screen. if it were too fast you wouldn't be able to start a trick in time.

    looks really cool. can't wait to try it and see how they deal with some of these pitfalls.

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  • Rebekah S

    it looks well awesome
    can i customise my own board and stuff

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