Flight simulator fans take note: Laminar Research has released X-Plane 9 [App Store] for the iPhone.

X-Plane for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows has long been considered one of the best--if not the best--flight simulators available to consumers.  Its accuracy and attention to the smallest detail of flight simulation has won it numerous accolades in the flight simulation arena.

As Laminar describes it,

X-Plane for Mac, Windows, and Linux is the most flexible and realistic flight simulator on the market for desktop personal computers.  Using blade element theory for the most powerful and accurate flight model available for personal computers, and earning FAA certification for logging of flight time for pilots, X-Plane is the Gold Standard for accurate flight simulation, offering realism that is unmatched by any other simulator.

And now, thanks to the power of the iPhone and iPod touch, X-Plane is available for these stunning little platforms.

The ability to punch a hole in the sky with X-Plane while on the go is big news for iPhone-using flight simulator fans.  We will post a full review of this title shortly.

X-Plane retails for $9.99 [App Store] in the iTunes App Store.

( Thanks Josiah! )

  • Steve

    this is on the iPhone? Hurry up an review it I need to know if it is good. I hate waiting for things.. blaaaaa!

  • Jerky

    Wow, this is a surprise! Pretty impressive. The tilt controls are really good and so are the graphics. Really liking it so far. I am a sim-junkie and I never expected to see something like this on the iPhone.

  • http://teammacosx.org Nagromme

    Wow! I never cared enough to pay for the full version, but this would be neat to have.

    Makes me wish again for Apple to enable the "everything" video-out that Steve uses in keynotes.

  • Gregz0r

    Whoa! This is a welcome surprise. With all the Poker, Solitaire, Sudoku, etc games on the iPhone, I'd never have expected to see a flight sim on the device! Hopefully, it'll be 'fully' PSP Quality, as I'm still waiting an app of that kind (sorry Asphalt 4, you're only PSone fare). 😛

    As Steve says: hurry and post a video, as they've been invaluable in my decision making. 😀

  • http://www.dottunes.net Jeff

    Seriously don't bother waiting.

    This is a sure thing!! I've been buying the new release of X-Plane each year for the past 4-5 years. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this for the iPhone.

    I've now got it running and it's freakin' awesome.

    I'm not associated with X-Plane in any way but I can tell you that Austin (the developer) is the real deal and this app will be the ultimate app to show off your iPhone.

    Thanks for this post toucharcade - You've alerted me to soo many great apps.

  • bloc party

    I just wanted to join the chorus of people praising toucharcade. Seriously, you guys are awesome. Speaking of awesome - flight sim on iPhone!!!

  • @Gregz0r

    it can never be "PSP" quality....
    but at least its DS quality >:D

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    @Gregz0r: Are you so sure?

    Under the Hood: The iPhone’s Gaming Mettle

    I'd agree the PSP's graphics hardware is superior to that of the iPhone, but the iPhone is no slouch in the 3D department. And the iPhone's CPU is notably more powerful than that of the PSP.

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    @Jeff: Indeed, Austin and his X-Plane are the real deal. I was playing on my "blue & white" G3 back in '99 or so, when the game went for $80 or so. Bought two different flight sticks to go with it. It's an amazing effort.

  • Capone

    Hm... never played X-Plane on my Macintosh computers. But the iPhone version only has about 6 megs... how come!? I always thought X-Plane has high-resolution graphics?!

  • Nursedad

    Incredible. That's all I can say.

    I too have been a fan (and user) of X-plane over the years. When I saw this was out...I didn't hesitate to buy it.

    The flight model is incredible. Takes a couple of minutes to get oriented to the controls, but overall I'd say they are very intuitive.

    Four different planes are available (jet and prop) and you can choose the time of day / cloud cover conditions you want to fly in. Several different views that you change (e.g. zoom / pan) using common touch gestures. You can start off on the runway or in the air. Also gives you the option to start you on final, so you can practice your landings. Common flight controls are available (throttle / brakes / gear / flaps) and easy to use.

    The graphics are very nice (that's an understatement by the way).

    Honesty, if you're a fan of flight sims, I would highly recommend picking this one up. Knowing Austin (the developer) over the years through the Mac version of X-plane, I'm confident that this will just continue to get better and better.

    - - Jeff

  • http://whaleslayer.com Mchart

    I'm sorry, but the hype for this app is way over the top. While I appreciate the effort to port the coding to the iPhone; The point of a flight-sim is being missed. It's trying to be a flight-sim, but with the lack of real control it's a game. It completely misses in both categories simply because you can't plug a Joystick into the iPhone, or for that matter a nice HOTAS setup. It's a gimmick and should be in the 'Entertainment' section - I'm sorry, but as someone who plays X-Plane 9 on my PC every day it's true.

  • JerryNY

    Hey Mchart, have you bought the app or you just spewing FUD? I ask because as a pilot I find the controls to be somewhere between a yoke and a stick and much fun to play with. The accelerometer control works quite nicely and I don't see how the PSP or DS could do any better with a similar genre. There is something very compelling about using tilting the iPhone for this control system as opposed to using a joystick IMHO. It gives a more visceral feel to the whole process. Is it as good and deep as the desktop X-Plane? No. Does it capture the spirt and fun of the desktop version? I would have to say yes.

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    @Mchart: I think you're fairly off on that one. The desktop version is an extremely detailed true simulation. Did I expect the iPhone ver to capture all of that? Of course not. Admittedly, I am a flight sim fan that enjoys more the "fun of flying" than 100% accurate flight modeling. That said, I like a true sim more than some arcade jet shooter, by far. The iPhone version is everything I could expect from an iPhone port. It's great fun just doing some fun flying on the go.

    Did you really expect a total translation from the desktop version?

    I didn't see this app coming and am amazed at how enjoyable a portable flight experience it provides. I've imported a few PSP flight-sim games from Japan, wanting to enjoy the sim experience on a mobile, and this blows them all away and is far cheaper, to boot.

    My $.02.

  • Nagromme

    I wouldn't see any disappointment in this doing less than the full desktop version... since this costs a fraction as much.

  • Admanta

    Yay! X-plane for the iphone!

    I have been a fan of X-plane since I was a kid in the 5.0 era. This coming our for iphone was a total surprise. Everything works just the way it should in this version. The accelerometer controls have a good feel to them, not too sensitive. The graphics are superb for the planes and are fairly average for the terrain, that being said terrain has not been a strong suit for x-plane until recently. I feel it is unrealistic to ask for much better that what we ended up getting here. The real star of X-plane has always been the flight model anyway, and in this version it is no different. The different planes demonstrate this clearly, they each feel different and unique in their own ways. I'd like to see more aircraft added. Currently there are only 1 small jet, 2 light prop planes and a single twin engine, turbo prop plane. A faster jet and an airliner would be good additions to round out the selection. Hopefully Austin will continue to update, improve and add onto this superb simulation.

    (5 stars)

  • Nursedad

    Definitely not a full port of the desktop version, but a good start regardless.

    In addition to more planes in the future, I'd also like to see some navigational pieces built into this, and I'd also like an autopilot so I can enjoy the scenery a bit more while flying around without fear of crashing.

    I imagine that this is possible seeing what has already been done. The file size for this one is only 6.4 mb.

  • ibanana

    V good "game" indeed BUT:

    - no tutorial, frustrating for beginners like me even if the controls are quite straightforward
    - no map so no choice but to fly randomly
    - "only" 4 small planes available (no Airbus/Boeing)
    - only 1 location (major problem in my opinion, can be boring after a while)
    - noise bugs ? (no noise when new flight after a crash)

    I would give a 8/10 and advice you guys to buy it if you like flight sims

    btw anyone could explain what the view with the green lines means?

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    Does anyone get audio in this app? I am running firmware 2.1 and get zero audio.

  • ibanana

    I have some issue with the audio as well

  • Nursedad

    I believe the green lines represent the amount of lift...shorter = less, longer = more.

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  • sergio

    i think its awesome... am not into x-plane but into MS FS2004 and IMHO i would like to see more stuff like maybe a few locations and airport details.... more airplane but insted of like having all airplane istalled whould it be better to have a way to download aircraft frome the iphone itself using the x-plane app itself... like how TTR dowloads its tracks... what do u guys think??

  • Constable Odo

    We end up trying to compare the iPhone graphics to PSP graphics. Let's put it this way. The iPhone plays games a lot better than the PSP works as a telephone. I suppose that's the problem when you buy a versatile device. It's going to be compared to device that was mainly built to play games. I own a PSP and like it so I'm torn between both it and the iPhone. I'll be buying an iPod Touch very shortly.

    I didn't find any non-combat flight simulators for the PSP, but most of their flight games cost about $30, so $10 isn't too bad for the iPhone.

  • Psyberpunk

    I'm not seeing that this link works for the iTunes store... might someone else have another? Has it only been released in the UK?

  • majormauser

    No Sound!
    Running 2.1
    Great Game
    Awesome Graphics
    No Sound
    Need Manual
    Great Graphics
    All Settings Menu Does is drop you to your death in a sick powerless dive to face plant into mother earth.

  • @majormauser

    dude i've got the game on my J'Broken ipod touch new f/w 2.1
    and it works fine.
    maybe you've got the "mute" function on your iphone? of if you have ipod touch go to options and try increasing the vol?
    i smell a noob, or maybe just an idiot who's impatient

  • Hooka

    I am amazed that this game is playing so smoothly on my fricking iPhone! As soon as I saw t listed I bought it.

    You can choose from a verity of different situations to play from. The best part is the live view switching!! You can play as a chase plane and have full 360 degree view of plane in front of you. Very nice. some suggestions: In "plane view" it would be nice if the altitude and the speed were shown. But I'm sure they are already working on that.

  • nbvpb

    Hi...I'm totally new to any version of X-plane, so I'm finding it amazing. If anyone has links to any sort of documentation that would be of help to someone new, it would be appreciated. Thanks.