Igloo Games' Dizzy Bee [App Store] was one of the first games we reviewed, and it remains amongst our favorites.

Dizzy Bee’s premise seems simple enough: tilt your iPhone to direct Bee to free the fruit and then to the exit.

And for the first level or two, you think to yourself that this is just a fun and easy exercise. Once “baddies” are introduced, however, you realize you have to take into account their movements which are also affected by the same tilting/gravity.

At $2.99, there was really no real excuse to not buy this remarkably polished and fun game. If you haven't made the plunge yet, though, Igloo Games has just released a free 4-level version of the game called DizzyBeeFree [App Store].

The free game is identical to the full version but limits you to only 4 of the levels. A gameplay video remains available from the developer.

  • Tim

    This is the first game I downloaded from the app store and it remains my favorite. It's a really fun, casual game that you can pickup and put down at your leisure. Perfect for the iPhone!

  • http://www.GalleyTech.com/ Galley

    Damn those baddies!

  • mikeadams

    I like it. Kind of loco roco-esqe (which is a good thing) but not as loco roco-esqe as rolando looks.

  • Ryan

    I played the free version and now I'm buying the full version. Woot.