Igloo Games’ ‘Dizzy Bee’ is Fun and Polished

It’s a fun time to be an iPhone owner when a gem like Igloo Games’ Dizzy Bee [App Store] appears out of nowhere as a pleasant and inexpensive surprise.

The developer describes the gameplay in this $2.99 accelerometer controlled game:

Guide a friendly bee by tilting and turning the iPhone or iPod touch. Lead him through windmills, bumpy bumpers, avoid the baddies, rescue the fruits and bring them to safety.

Dizzy Bee’s premise seems simple enough: tilt your iPhone to direct Bee to free the fruit and then to the exit.

And for the first level or two, you think to yourself that this is just a fun and easy exercise. Once “baddies" are introduced, however, you realize you have to take into account their movements which are also affected by the same tilting/gravity.

Levels, of course, can get more complicated as you can see here:

In this level, the fan allows only one-way movement, while the large center ball acts as a stopcock for the main intersection. Your goal is to get the fruit to the exit located at the bottom left.

The game provides a remarkable level of polish throughout and provides an excellent value at only $2.99. While this YouTube video offers you with a feel for the gameplay, the low quality of the video itself detracts from the bright visuals found in the game.

Game Details

Name: Dizzy Bee
Developer: Igloo Games
App Store Link: Buy
Price: $2.99
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod Touch