‘StarSmasher’ 3D Space Shooter for iPhone

Apple has finally approved and released EspressoSoft’s StarSmasher [App Store], an accelerometer controlled “on-rails" space shooter for the iPhone.

Priced at only $2.99, the game was designed to offer a relatively simple fly and shoot arcade experience. The gameplay involves dodging asteroids, shooting enemies, and avoiding landmines, as you try to build up your score. Each game offers you 3 space ships and a shield indicator. As you get bounced around by asteroids and enemy fire, your shields will weaken until your ship is ultimately destroyed. The game does offer two in-game “power ups" including a 25% shield boost and temporarily improved laser-fire.

As with many accelerometer based games, the controls take some getting used to. There is no calibration mode offered so gameplay is restricted to the pre-defined view angle. The developer reports that the 1.0.1 update is already undergoing review and should introduce faster gameplay, smoother controls, auto-fire mode and more control over the firing angle.

Overall, a fun and well executed single level shooter that’s appropriately priced at $2.99. Those hoping for more game levels or depth may be disappointed as the game can seem a bit repetitive, but fans of the strict “shoot’em up" genre may be pleased.

Game Details
Name: StarSmasher (v1.0) Price: 2.99 [Buy]
Developer: espressoSoft Size: 4.5MB
In Brief: StarSmasher is a very fun and well executed single level shooter that’s appropriately priced at $2.99. Fans of this “shoot’em up” genre should be pleased. Accelerometer controls take some getting used to, and will be tweaked in the next version.