Vigil RPG

Jonathan Schneider
One of the 10 best JRPGs available on iOS! Now celebrating 10 years on the App Store: 2014-2024! Vigi…
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One of the 10 best JRPGs available on iOS! Now celebrating 10 years on the App Store: 2014-2024! Vigil RPG is a single-player, 8-bit-style, premium RPG, where *every* battle — not just boss fights — is quick, yet has interesting decision-making. Be a solo hero on a quest to discover the hidden cause behind the sudden appearance of marauding bands of goblins and monsters! Vigil RPG is the ideal pocket-size turn-based RPG, by incorporating features that you may come to wish that every mobile game had: • Created by a one-person development team with a design goal of maximum FUN — not maximum monetization! Vigil RPG has no ads (even before you buy!), premium currencies, stamina timers, or even "leave a review!" nags. If a feature doesn't add fun, then it didn't make the cut. • Meaningful decision-making in every combat — even vs. non-boss enemies! Every enemy has unique attack patterns and "tells" for a clever player to overcome. Healing is hard to come by outside of town, so employing efficient battle strategy is important and rewarding. • Fast turn-based combat! Select an action and launch each combat round in a single tap — no menus to navigate through. Each round takes about one second to play out. Zip through battles quickly against easy enemies; take your time to consider your strategy vs. tougher foes. Vigil RPG respects your time! • No annoying tropes common to console-port RPGs: No imprecise on-screen virtual joystick; just tap your destination to move. No save points, or manual saving; your progress is continually auto-saved -- even mid-battle! • No Internet connection required! Aside from a one-time in-app purchase to unlock the full game (after the generous free demo), you could play from start to closing credits in Airplane Mode! • Unlike many other mobile games, doesn't unduly drain your phone's battery! Vigil RPG is 100% implemented in Apple's native Objective-C and Swift programming languages — no bulky 3rd-party frameworks used! VIGIL RPG SPECIAL 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION - Huge v3.0 free update! • Vigil RPG is now free-to-try! Play through several quests before unlocking the full game with a single in-app purchase! No ads after -- OR BEFORE -- you buy! • Challenge HONOR MODE! Inspired by a certain awesome hit 2023 AAA RPG -- okay, fine, it's Baldur's Gate 3 -- you can now opt in to this challenging new mode, featuring even more difficult bosses, and PERMADEATH! • Bo the Bartender has even more new advice, commentary, and humor for you! Tap him at the tavern for more tips! • Reworked several normal enemies to be more fun to battle! The Armored Goblin now really doesn't like it if you bypass his shield block with LIGHTNING, for one! • Local high scores for quests! Challenge your best times from prior playthroughs! • Beautiful high resolution support for all iPhone and iPad sizes, from iPhone SE to the 13" iPad Pro! (Runs on your Apple Silicon chip Mac, too -- but Vigil RPG is best enjoyed as an iPhone game!)
Seller:Jonathan Schneider
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Nov 12, 2014
Updated:Jul 02, 2024
Size:123.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal