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Lumines is back! A mobile rebuild of the classic PSP title, LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC is an action packed puzzle game synch…
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Lumines is back! A mobile rebuild of the classic PSP title, LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC is an action packed puzzle game synchronized to a musical beat, featuring newly-produced tracks and classics such as “Shinin’” by Mondo Grosso. Players swipe and tap their screen in portrait mode to properly align their Lumines blocks to clear blocks of four matching colors in rhythm to the beat. In addition, time attack mode was added at v2.0.0!! Now you can try to beat your records in short 90-second session. The score is recorded on leader board so play for self best record! Lumines also includes downloadable tracks and game boards from Rez, the classic rail-shooter music game also developed by Lumines series creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and Japanese game "18(eighteen)" collaboration. *LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC matches visuals to the beat – we highly recommend playing with headphones or earbuds! Introduction LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC An award-winning series of action puzzle games with more than 2.5 million copies sold for game consoles, distributed in 76 countries worldwide and over 10 million installs. Developed in collaboration with series founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi, LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC is set to challenge and amaze players! Fusion of Music & Gaming LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC is an authentic action puzzle game developed as a mix of dance music and puzzle games, designed to be the perfect fusion of music and gameplay. Experience the thrill of racking up high-scores with combo swipes while playing to the tune of catchy beats of classic songs such as “Shinin’” by Mondo Grosso and all new musical tracks. Synchronization of Music & Visuals Enticing visual design together with high-quality sounds and music create a truly immersive gaming experience. Players create a harmony of music and visual art each time they play. Challenges & Achievements Game modes such as Challenge, Time Attack and Endless Score Attack offer multiple ways to play. Earn achievements with slick combos and high scores to show off your skills and unlock new game boards and music. Share on Social Media Nothing feels quite like getting that perfect swipe of your Lumines blocks and clearing the game board for the high score! Share moments like these and more with a new feature in LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC allowing players to share gameplay moments on their preferred social network. If you’re a fan of mind-bending puzzles, toe-tapping music games, the original Lumines series, or looking for an immersive mobile game you won’t be able to put down, LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC is the game for you! Service Provider mobcast Inc. Game Title LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC Supported Operating Systems iOS8.0 and beyond Supported devices iPhone 5s, iPad Air and beyond *We do not guarantee successful operation on other devices, including iPod devices Supervisor Tetsuya Mizuguchi Official site Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Contact customer support [email protected] *If you have a spam filter, please add “” to your whitelist so that you can receive our mail. LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC was created using CRIWARE™ by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. ©mobcast ©Resonair ©BANDAI ©BNEI
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Release:Sep 01, 2016
Updated:Mar 30, 2017
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