Photo Aquarium

“Feed fishes by the photos you take”
“Photo Aquarium” a game growing tropical fishes, is now packaged for iPhone and…
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“Feed fishes by the photos you take”
“Photo Aquarium” a game growing tropical fishes, is now packaged for iPhone and iPod Touch!

What is “Photo Aquarium”?
“Photo Aquarium” is a Japanese game application for mobile phones remarkably delivered in the U.S. also.
The function in iPhone version of “Photo Aquarium” has been improved substantially.

■Game Overview
This is a nurturing simulation game. The goal is to breed new species by taking care of your fishes.
This game has an innovative function that you can use photos you take by iPhone or images in the data folder of your iPod Touch.
How would you like to see your beautiful fishes swimming on your favorite image in your iPhone?

■Description 1: Usage of Camera and Image Data
When you execute “Feed”, a camera will be activated in the game and you will see a shooting screen. The photos you take will be installed in the game.
There will be no difficulty for you since the camera function will be activated as one of the game commands.
In the case of iPod Touch, you will be able to “feed” by reading the saved image data.

■Description 2: Breeding
Your fishes will discern the colors of installed images and eat the parts with their favorite colors. If your fish is red for instance, the fish will like the red parts of the photo. You can enjoy watching how they eat your photos.
When your fishes grow smoothly, they will produce eggs. The newborn fish specie will be influenced by the parents’ species and the colors that the parents had been fed.

■Description 3: Rearing
When you feed new images, the environment in the game (including the water temperature, water quality and brightness) will change depending on what kind of colors you feed.
You will need to maintain your fishes’ health by using the maintenance function in the game.
If you maintain well, your fishes will live longer and you will be able to enjoy watching variety of fishes be born.

■Description 4: Fish Species
There are 128 types of fishes in “Photo Aquarium”, including the ones with different colors.
In the 128 types, there are 4 types of fishes that you will not be able to receive information of in the game. You will need to be creative to get these fishes.
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