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Upcoming CCG ‘Drakenlords’ Offers Both PvE and PvP Content

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Another week, another CCG is coming to the App Store. This one, though, is aiming to offer plenty of PvE content in addition to PvP modes. Drakenlord has you playing as a warlord who has to prevail in a world filled with dragons, spells, cataclysms, and plenty of other fantasy staples. The developers have focused on building the game for mobile, and they want to draw in both newcomers and veterans, a challenging mission.

Drakenlords offers hours of single-player content in a long campaign with side quests as well as ranked and sealed deck modes. Add to that more than 300 cards and offline deck building and AI practice, and you have plenty of content to mess about with. The fact that it offers offline content and PvE does help it stick out among many of the other CCGs. At the end of the day, though, it will all depend on things like interesting mechanics, good balance, and the fun factor. The game is currently in soft launch and is coming worldwide on November 24th. You can learn more about the game in our forum thread.


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