Valve Is Celebrating the Steam Deck’s Birthday With Its First Ever Discount and New Startup Movies

Valve just announced the first ever discount for Steam Deck from now until March 23rd. This discount is to celebrate one year of the Steam Deck being available. If you’ve not kept up with Valve’s portable, we reviewed the device back at launch last year. Read Jared’s thoughts of it from day one here and my thoughts on it a year later here. Alongside the discount, Valve has also released new startup movies you can use to customize that aspect of your Steam Deck. These are available in the Steam Points shop. To celebrate one year of the Steam Deck, Valve put together a special video as well. Watch it below:

Valve is now offering the Steam Deck at 10% off here. Valve also revealed the top 100 games on Steam Deck at the same link. I wasn’t surprised to see most of those there, but some, like Read Dead Redemption 2 are surprising. I still need to try that on Steam Deck. It has been great covering many games on Steam Deck these last few months as well. Read all our Steam Deck coverage here. There are a few more reviews coming in the near future. Overall, both Jared and myself love the Steam Deck right now. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves through updates this year as well. If you have a Steam Deck, what do you think of it right now and if you don’t, will you be grabbing it today on sale?

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