‘Badland Party’ Is Out Now As This Week’s New Apple Arcade Release Alongside Big Updates for Patterned, Solitaire Stories, Angry Birds Reloaded, and More

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Badland Party () from Frogmind was announced for Apple Arcade earlier this week. Badland Party is a new Badland game featuring online and local multiplayer and it is rolling out now on Apple Arcade worldwide. I figured we’d just get Frogmind’s previously released Badland games as + versions in Apple Arcade so having a new game is a nice surprise. You can grab Badland Party on Apple Arcade here. Badland Party is a new Apple Arcade Original which is also nice to see versus just getting old games (which most of us likely already own) added as + versions on the service. Watch the Badland Party trailer below showcasing how chaotic things can get:

Alongside the new release, we have a few notable updates as usual. Angry Birds Reloaded brings in 45 new levels on Eagle Island with some story additions involving Zeta. Red Games Co’s Solitaire Stories features a new story from Joel McHale in Game Time Part 2, multiplayer mode being added finally with real-time online support, and performance improvements. This update also brings in 3-Card Draw mode and a new Prize Pod deck. Zookeeper World brings in 25 new puzzle stages as this month’s addition with support for the Chop and Slice mini-game which will be available on May 12th. The final big update of the week is BorderLeap’s Patterned. Version 4.5 adds in more than 180 new spring and summer patterns, new achievements, and more.

Head over to our forum threads for Badland Party here, Angry Birds Reloaded here, Patterned here, Zookeeper World here, and Solitaire Stories here. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of Apple’s newly revealed games for this month?

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