Solitaire Stories

Behold! The world’s greatest card game, Solitaire... now with progressive difficulty storylines, gorgeous deck designs, …
Behold! The world’s greatest card game, Solitaire... now with progressive difficulty storylines, gorgeous deck designs, daily challenges, global leaderboards, and a weird sense of humor. If you like classic Klondike Solitaire and have a wild imagination, you’re going to love Solitaire Stories. STORIES Solitaire with a story? Weird. Solitaire Stories are a progressive journey through increasingly difficult levels. Each story is a completely new theme with it’s own unique deck design, gameplay environment, level map, soundtrack, and storyline! Whether you’re looking to get better at Solitaire and work through new challenges, or if you’re an experienced player looking for increasing difficulty, this mode is for you! New stories / decks are added monthly. QUICK PLAY Purists, do not fear. If you’re a Solitaire Ace and just want to sneak in a quick game of classic Klondike with no stories, progressive challenges, or drama, you’re in luck! Quick Play is the perfect way to get your Solitaire fix between meetings, in the bathroom, under the kitchen table during dinner, or right before bed when you need a quick game break! Just choose your favorite deck and play. DAILY CHALLENGES Daily Challenges are a way to accomplish new tasks every day and earn gold, which helps you unlock new stories / decks. There’s always something new! DAILY CONTEST Every day, once a day, you have the chance to play a hand of Solitaire against ALL Solitaire Stories players around the world. Everyone gets the same deal, and winner takes all. Here’s the kicker, you only get one chance to play it each don’t screw up. How will you rank against all other players globally? GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS When you log in with GameCenter, your Solitaire skills are publicly ranked with players from around the globe. Flaunt your bragging rights to your friends and find out how you stack up against the competition. Are you the Solitaire King (or Queen) of the world? EVERYTHING YOU NEED, AND THEN SOME. Solitaire Stories has all of the things you’d expect from a world-class Solitaire game, including: • Game state auto-save, so you can leave and resume games with ease • Game hints when you feel stuck • Frequently added new content • Gameplay Statistics • Progressive difficulty deals • Replay any level • Right hand mode • Left hand mode • Portrait mode • Landscape mode • Themed decks with stories • GameCenter global leaderboards • Draw 1 card • Draw 3 cards • Achievements and player “level” ranks • Modern deck art and designs • Unlimited undo • Autocomplete game functionality • Frequent (monthly) updates and features • Fun, artistic environments, characters, and animations
Release:Jun 02, 2021
Updated:Dec 23, 2021
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