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‘Doki Doki Ragnarok’ is a Crazy Dating Sim Where You’re a Viking that Dates Entire Villages, Coming to iOS June 1st

It’s 2022 for goodness’ sake. We don’t want dating simulators where you’re dating just one individual at a time, we want dating simulators where you can literally date an entire village all at once. And we want to do it as a Viking, gosh darn it! Developer BrutalHack hears your demands, and wants to meet them with their title Doki Doki Ragnarok. It’s a visual novel-style dating sim where you play as a Viking who, in order to be able to consensually raid a village, must go on dates with said villages and try to win them over first. Dating an entire village is no small task, as you’ll have to hit it off with all the inhabitants and their various wants and desires. Like some crazy reality show, it will be up to those villagers to decide if you are the kind of Viking they want pillaging their village or if there simply is no chemistry between you.

Yes, the entire game is silly and absurd, and doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest. There is something very amusing to me about a village basically interviewing a Viking to see if they are of a high enough standard to pillage them. Doki Doki Ragnarok launched on PC a few months back and has garnered a positive reception due to just how over the top silly it is, and I imagine it’s the kind of game that will translate really well to the touchscreen. It’s all locked and loaded to launch on the iOS App Store June 1st for $3.99, and you can pre-order it right now if that’s your thing. It’s also planned to be coming to the Google Play and Amazon app stores at a later date. So if you think you’re a Viking with the right stuff to woo an entire village check out Doki Doki Ragnarok when it hits next month.