The ‘Terraria’ Collaboration Update with ‘Don’t Starve Together’ Will Come to Mobile and Consoles in the Future, Available Now on PC

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Re-Logic previously announced and brought the massive Terraria ($4.99) Journey’s End content update to the game on mobile. Terraria on iOS and Android has been constantly improving since it released through huge updates and improvements and the newest collaboration has also just been confirmed for the platform. Today, Terraria gets a huge update on PC bringing in Don’t Starve Together content. This update has been confirmed to come to mobile and consoles eventually. Mobile will also get the other pending updates including 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 when the parity update arrives. Watch the trailer for the Terraria Don’t Starve Together collaboration update below:

Full details for what this collaboration update brings to Terraria are available here. I’m glad that mobile is eventually catching up with PC and hopefully parity means we can get cross play with mobile, PC, and consoles together in the future. If you haven’t played Terraria in a while on mobile, check out Shaun’s RPG Reload feature on it. Terraria has been great on iOS ever since the version 1.3 update arrived but got even better with a full feature set for controllers. If you don’t have a controller for iOS yet, check out my guide on which controller you should buy here. Have you been playing Terraria regularly?

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