‘Monument Valley 2’ Gets a Surprise Update with a New Chapter Titled ‘The Lost Forest’ Created to Help Protect Trees

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Ustwo Games just released a brand new update for the superlative Monument Valley 2 ($1.99) on both iOS and Android bringing in a free new chapter. The Lost Forest chapter consists of four intimate scenes created by Ustwo Games to inspire people to sign the Play4Forests petition. Ever since Monument Valley 2 ($1.99) launched on iOS years ago, it has gotten updated to support newer devices and it is great to see a new chapter added to the game for free. I’m always looking for an excuse to replay both Monument Valley games and this makes it easier. Watch the Monument Valley 2 The Lost Chapter trailer below:

If you’ve not finished the game yet, you can access this new chapter from the main menu. Ustwo Games have given us two great Apple Arcade Originals alongside the first Monument Valley coming to the subscription service as Monument Valley+. Check out Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and Assemble With Care if you’re a subscriber. The studio is also working on Monument Valley 3. If you’ve not played Monument Valley or Monument Valley 2 yet, read our reviews of the games here and here. Have you played Ustwo Games’ recent Apple Arcade releases yet?

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